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HSK 6 word: freq index 3561
cuìruò weak

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        gāncuì, [乾脆], straightforward/clear-cut/blunt (e.g. statement)/you might as well/simply
        cuìruò, weak/frail
        cuì, [脃], old variant of 脆[cuì], brittle/fragile/crisp/crunchy/clear and loud voice/neat
        gāncuìlìluo, [乾脆利落], (of speech or actions) direct and efficient/without fooling around
        báocuì, crispy thin (cooking style)
        qīngcuì, sharp and clear/crisp/melodious/ringing/tinkling/silvery (of sound)/fragile/frai...
        sūcuì, crisp (of food)

        cuìruò, weak/frail
        ruò, weak/feeble/young/inferior/(following a decimal or fraction) slightly less than
        ruòdiǎn, [弱點], weak point/failing
        ruǎnruò, [軟弱], weak/feeble/flabby
        xūruò, [虛弱], weak/in poor health
        ruòzhì, weak-minded/mentally deficient/retarded
        nuòruò, cowardly/weak
        ruòxiǎo, small and weak/puny/a child
        wēiruò, weak/faint/feeble
        jiǎnruò, [減弱], to weaken/to fall off
        bóruò, weak/frail
        xuēruò, to weaken/to impair/to cripple
        róuruò, weak/delicate
        ruòshì, [弱勢], vulnerable/weak
        shuāiruò, weak/feeble
        shòuruò, thin and weak
        shìruò, not to fight back/to take it lying down/to show weakness/to show one's softer si...
        ruòròuqiángshí, [弱肉強食], lit. the weak are prey to the strong (idiom); fig. predatory behavior/the law of...
        chánruò, delicate/frail/impotent/weak
        ruòbùjīnfēng, [弱不禁風], too weak to stand up to the wind (idiom); extremely delicate/fragile state of he...
        ruòshì, [弱視], amblyopia
        shénjīngshuāiruò, [神經衰弱], (euphemism) mental illness/psychasthenia
        ruòhuà, weaken/make weaker
        jiāoruò, [嬌弱], delicate
        qièruò, timid/weak
        xiānruò, [纖弱], fragile/delicate
        qiángruò, [強弱], strong or weak/intensity/amount of force or pressure
        léiruò, frail/weak
        bùgānshìruò, not to be outdone
        jīruò, [積弱], cumulative weakness/to decline (over time)/degeneration
        niánlǎotǐruò, [年老體弱], old and weak (idiom)

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