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Word: freq index 119
[這些] zhèxiē these

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhè, [這], this/these/(commonly pr. [zhèi] before a classifier, esp. in Beijing)
        zhège, [這個], this/this one
        zhèyàng, [這樣], this kind of/so/this way/like this/such
        zhèlǐ, [這裏]/[這裡], variant of 這裡|这里[zhè lǐ], here
        zhème, [這麼], so much/this much/how much?/this way/like this
        zhèxiē, [這些], these
        zhèr, [這兒], here
        zhèzhǒng, [這種], this/this kind of/this sort of/this type of
        zhèbiān, [這邊], this side/here
        zhèshí, [這時], at this time/at this moment
        zhèhuìr, [這會兒], (coll.) now/this moment/also pr. [zhè huǐ r]
        zhètiān, [這天], today/this day
        zhèmezhe, [這麼著], thus/in this way/like this
        zhèbān, [這般], like this/this way
        zhèmeyàng, [這麼樣], thus/in this way
        rúcǐzhèbān, [如此這般], thus and so/such and such
        zhèyàngyīlái, [這樣一來], thus/if this happens then

        zhèxiē, [這些], these
        nàxiē, those
        xiē, classifier indicating a small amount or small number greater than 1: some, a few...
        yīxiē, some/a few/a little/(following an adjective) slightly ...er
        yǒuxiē, some/somewhat
        mǒuxiē, some/certain (things)
        nǎxiē, which ones?/who?/what?
        hǎoxiē, a good deal of/quite a lot
        xiēxǔ, [些許], a few/a little/a bit
        xiǎnxiē, [險些], narrowly/almost/nearly

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