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Word: freq index 41998
mánghū to be busy (colloquial)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        máng, busy/hurriedly/to hurry/to rush
        bāngmáng, [幫忙], to help/to lend a hand/to do a favor/to do a good turn
        cōngmáng, hasty/hurried
        mánglù, busy/bustling
        mángyú, [忙於], busy with
        mánghuo, to be really busy/pressing business
        fánmáng, busy/bustling
        bāngdàománg, [幫倒忙], to be more of a hindrance than a help
        dàmángrén, busy bee/very busy person
        shǒumángjiǎoluàn, [手忙腳亂], to act with confusion/to be in a flurry/to be flustered
        jímáng, hastily
        jíjímángmáng, hurriedly
        mángluàn, [忙亂], rushed and muddled
        bēnmáng, to be busy rushing about/to bustle about
        mángyīn, busy signal (telephony)
        bùhuāngbùmáng, calm and unhurried (idiom); composed/to take matters calmly
        gǎnmáng, [趕忙], to hurry/to hasten/to make haste
        mánghū, to be busy (colloquial)
        huāngmáng, in a great rush/in a flurry
        mángbùdié, hurriedly/in haste
        liánmáng, [連忙], promptly/at once
        nóngmáng, [農忙], busy farming season

        sìhū, apparently/to seem/to appear/as if/seemingly
        jīhū, [幾乎], almost/nearly/practically
        bùzàihu, not to care
        zàihu, to care about/equivalent of 在於|在于[zài yú]
        hū, (classical particle similar to 於|于[yú]) in/at/from/because/than/(classical final...
        guānhū, [關乎], to relate to/concerning/about
        jìnhu, close to/intimate
        chūhūyìliào, beyond expectation (idiom); unexpected
        shǎhūhū, feeble-minded/dim-witted
        chūhū, due to/to stem from/to go beyond (also fig. beyond reason, expectations etc)/to ...
        héhū, to accord with/conforming to
        wēihūqíwēi, a tiny bit/very little/next to nothing (idiom)
        pànghūhū, chubby
        rèhu, [熱乎], warm/hot/affectionate/ardent
        niánhūhū, sticky/slimy
        mǎnbùzàihu, [滿不在乎], not in the least concerned (idiom)/reckless/couldn't give a damn about it/unpert...
        yìhūxúncháng, [異乎尋常], unusual/extraordinary
        rèhūhū, [熱乎乎], nice and warm
        bùyìlèhū, [不亦樂乎], lit. isn't that a joy? (quote from Confucius)/fig. (jocularly) extremely/awfully
        wànghūsuǒyǐ, to get carried away/to forget oneself
        xuánhū, unreliable/incredible
        yóuhūhū, greasy/oily
        hēihūhū, variant of 黑糊糊[hēi hū hū]
        bùwàihū, nothing else but
        mánghū, to be busy (colloquial)
        yúshìhū, [於是乎], therefore
        chūhūyùliào, [出乎預料], beyond expectation (idiom); unexpected
        jièhū, to lie between

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