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yùyǎnyùliè ever more critical
problems get more and more intense

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhìyù, [治癒], to cure
        quányù, [痊癒], to recover completely (from illness or injury)
        yù, [癒], the more...(the more...)/to recover/to heal/better, variant of 愈[yù]/to heal
        yùhé, [癒合], (of a wound) to heal
        yùláiyù, [愈來愈], more and more
        yùfā, [愈發], all the more/increasingly
        měikuàngyùxià, [每況愈下], to steadily deteriorate
        yùyǎnyùliè, ever more critical/problems get more and more intense
        yùjiā, all the more/even more/further
        bìngyù, [病癒], to recover (from an illness)

        biǎoyǎn, play/show/performance/exhibition/to perform/to act/to demonstrate/CL:場|场[chǎng]
        yǎnyuán, [演員], actor or actress/performer/CL:個|个[gè],位[wèi],名[míng]
        yǎn, to develop/to evolve/to practice/to perform/to play/to act
        yǎnchū, to act (in a play)/to perform/to put on (a performance)/performance/concert/show...
        bànyǎn, to play the role of/to act
        yǎnchàng, sung performance/to sing for an audience
        yǎnjiǎng, [演講], lecture/to make a speech
        yǎnzòu, to perform on a musical instrument
        yǎnchànghuì, [演唱會], vocal recital or concert
        yǎnxì, [演戲], to put on a play/to perform/fig. to pretend/to feign
        shàngyǎn, to screen (a movie)/to stage (a play)/a screening/a staging
        yǎnyì, [演繹], (of a story etc) to unfold/to play out/to develop (a technique etc)/to enact/(lo...
        yǎnshì, to demonstrate/to show/presentation/demonstration
        yǎnshuō, [演說], speech/to deliver a speech
        yǎnxí, [演習], maneuver/exercise/practice/to maneuver
        yǎnbōshì, broadcasting studio
        xúnyǎn, (theater etc) to tour/to be on tour/to give itinerant performances/abbr. for 巡迴演...
        chóngyǎn, to recur (of events, esp. adverse ones)/to repeat (a performance)
        shìyǎn, [試演], audition/dress rehearsal/preview (of a theatrical performance)/dummy run
        yǎnjì, acting/performing skills
        xúnhuíyǎnchū, [巡迴演出], (theater etc) to tour/to be on tour/to give itinerant performances
        chūyǎn, to appear (in a show etc)/an appearance (on stage etc)
        shìyǎn, [飾演], to act/to play a part
        yǎnbiàn, [演變], to develop/to evolve/development/evolution
        yǎnyì, [演藝], performing arts
        páiyǎn, to rehearse (a performance)
        yùyǎn, [預演], dummy run/to run through sth/to rehearse
        shǒuyǎn, maiden stage role/first performance/first public showing
        yǎnyìquān, [演藝圈], show business
        kāiyǎn, [開演], (of a play, movie etc) to begin
        yǎnliàn, [演練], drill/practice
        gōngyǎn, to perform (e.g. on the stage)/to lecture
        jiǎngyǎn, [講演], to lecture/to speak publicly
        biǎoyǎnsài, [表演賽], exhibition match
        yùyǎnyùliè, ever more critical/problems get more and more intense
        yìyǎn, [義演], benefit performance/charity show
        yǎnyìjiè, [演藝界], performing arts circles/show business
        yǎnhuà, to evolve/evolution
        yǎnbō, broadcast performance/televised or podcast lecture
        yǎnsuàn, to calculate/to perform calculations
        héyǎn, to act together/to put on a joint performance
        tuīyǎn, to deduce/to infer/to derive/an implication
        jiāyǎn, encore/to give an extra performance
        gùjìchóngyǎn, to repeat an old stratagem/up to one's old tricks
        yǎnjù, [演劇], to perform a play
        yǎnyì, [演義], to dramatize historical events/novel or play on historical theme
        huìyǎn, [匯演], joint performance
        SānguóYǎnyì, [三國演義], Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong 羅貫中|罗贯中[Luó Guàn zhōng], one of t...

        qiángliè, [強烈], intense/(violently) strong
        jīliè, (of competition or fighting) intense/fierce/(of pain) acute/(of an expression of...
        rèliè, [熱烈], enthusiastic/ardent/warm
        lièhuǒ, raging inferno/blaze
        liè, ardent/intense/fierce/stern/upright/to give one's life for a noble cause/exploit...
        měngliè, fierce/violent (criticism etc)
        lièjiǔ, strong alcoholic drink
        jùliè, [劇烈], violent/acute/severe/fierce
        lièshì, martyr
        Āndéliè, Andre (person name)
        lièyàn, raging flames
        huǒlièniǎo, [火烈鳥], flamingo
        xìnggāocǎiliè, [興高采烈], happy and excited (idiom)/in high spirits/in great delight
        cǎnliè, [慘烈], bitter/desperate
        yùyǎnyùliè, ever more critical/problems get more and more intense
        hōnghōnglièliè, [轟轟烈烈], strong/vigorous/large-scale
        lièxìng, strong/intense/spirited/virulent
        Lièrì/lièrì, Liege, town in Belgium, scorching sun
        zhuàngliè, [壯烈], brave/heroic
        nóngliè, [濃烈], strong (taste, flavor, smell)
        Hūbìliè, Khubilai Khan (1215-1294), grandson of Genghis Khan 成吉思汗, first Yuan dynasty emp...
        zhēnliè, [貞烈], ready to die to preserve one's chastity
        bàoliè, violent/fierce
        chìliè, [熾烈], burning fiercely/flaming/blazing
        xiānliè, martyr
        Yēlièwàn, [耶烈萬], Yerevan, capital of Armenia/also written 埃里溫|埃里温[Āi lǐ wēn]
        gāngliè, [剛烈], resolute and upright in character/unyielding/staunch
        liènǚ, a woman who dies fighting for her honor or follows her husband in death
        zhōngliè, sacrifice oneself for one's country/martyr

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