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Word: freq index 8398
HSK 5 character: radical , 15 strokes, freq index 1698
cháo tide

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        gāocháo, high tide/high water/upsurge/climax/orgasm/chorus (part of a song)
        cháo, tide/current/damp/moist/humid
        cháoliú, tide/current/trend
湿         cháoshī, [潮濕], damp/moist
        làngcháo, wave/tides
        xīncháo, modern/fashionable
        dīcháo, low tide/low ebb
        rècháo, [熱潮], upsurge/popular craze
        cháoxī, tide
        zhǎngcháo, [漲潮], high tide/rising tide
        cháoshuǐ, tide
        xìnggāocháo, orgasm/climax
        fēngcháo, [風潮], tempest/wave (of popular sentiment etc)/craze or fad
        xīnxuèláicháo, [心血來潮], to be prompted by a sudden impulse/carried away by a whim/to have a brainstorm
        xīncháopéngpài, to be overwhelmed by emotions
        kuángcháo, surging tide/(fig.) tide/craze/rage/spree
        dàcháo, spring tide/(fig.) momentous social change
        gāocháodiéqǐ, each new high point replaced by another/(of a movie etc) one climax after anothe...
退         tuìcháo, (of a tide) to ebb or go out
        sīcháo, tide of thought/way of thinking characteristic of a historical period/Zeitgeist
        hóngcháo, [紅潮], to blush/flush/red tide (algal bloom)/menstruation
        luòcháo, (of a tide) to ebb or go out
        shòucháo, damp/affected by damp and cold
        àncháo, undercurrent
        hǎicháo, tide
        cháoqì, [潮氣], humidity/moisture
        huícháo, to become moist again/to revive (usually of sth bad)/resurgence
        chìcháo, algal bloom

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