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Word: freq index 21314
língsuì scattered and fragmentary
odds and ends

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        líng, zero/nought/zero sign/fractional/fragmentary/odd (of numbers)/(placed between tw...
        língjiàn, part/component
        língqián, [零錢], change (of money)/small change/pocket money
        língshí, between-meal nibbles/snacks
        línghuāqián, [零花錢], pocket money/allowance
        gūlínglíng, lone/isolated and without help/all alone/solitary
        língxià, below zero
        língshòu, to retail/to sell individually or in small quantities
        língyòngqián, [零用錢], pocket money/allowance/spending money
        língshòushāng, retailer/shopkeeper/retail merchant
        língdiǎn, [零點], midnight/to order à la carte/(math.) zero of a function
        língsuì, scattered and fragmentary/scraps/odds and ends
        língdù, zero degree
        diāolíng, withered/wilted/to wither/to fade/to decay
        língxīng, fragmentary/random/bits and pieces/sporadic
        línggōng, temporary job/odd job
        língtóu, [零頭], odd/scrap/remainder
        língbùjiàn, spare part/component
        língsǎn, scattered
        língshí, [零時], midnight/zero hour
        língshòudiàn, shop/retail store
        piāolíng, [飄零], to fall and wither (like autumn leaves)/(fig.) drifting and homeless
        qīlíngbāluò, (idiom) everything broken and in disorder
        língyòng, incidental expenses/sundries/pocket money
        línglíngxīngxīng, odd/piecemeal/fragmentary
        língluò, withered and fallen/scattered/sporadic
        huàzhěngwéilíng, [化整為零], to break up the whole into pieces (idiom); dealing with things one by one/divide...
        língdiǎnwǔ, [零點五], zero point five, 0.5/one half
        língluàn, [零亂], in disorder/a complete mess
        língzuǐ, nibbles/snacks between meals
        língqiāosuìdǎ, to do things in bits and pieces (idiom); piecemeal work

        suì, to break down/to break into pieces/fragmentary
        suìpiàn, chip/fragment/splinter/tatter
        dǎsuì, to shatter/to smash/to break into pieces
        xīnsuì, heartbroken/extreme depth of sorrow
        pòsuì, to smash to pieces/to shatter
        fěnsuì, to crush/to smash/to shatter
        zásuì, [雜碎], offal/mixed entrails/trivial matters
        sīsuì, to tear to shreds
        fěnsuìjī, [粉碎機], pulverizer/grinder
        zhīlípòsuì, [支離破碎], scattered and smashed (idiom)
        niǎnsuì, to pulverize/to crush
        zásuì, to pulverize/to smash to bits
        suǒsuì, [瑣碎], trifling/trivial/tedious/inconsequential
        suìshí, crushed or broken rock, stone etc
        fěnshēnsuìgǔ, lit. torn body and crushed bones (idiom)/fig. to die horribly/to sacrifice one's...
        yìsuì, brittle/fragile
        língsuì, scattered and fragmentary/scraps/odds and ends
        suìliè, to disintegrate/to shatter into small pieces
        dǎosuì, [搗碎], to pound into pieces/to mash
        xiányánsuìyǔ, [閑言碎語], idle gossip/irrelevant nonsense/slanderous rumor
        suìkuài, [碎塊], fragment
        suìbù, small quick steps
        suìmò, flecks/particles/bits/fine powder
        xìsuì, [細碎], fragments/bits and pieces
        língqiāosuìdǎ, to do things in bits and pieces (idiom); piecemeal work

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