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Huíjiào Islam

Character Composition

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Word Compounds

        huí, [迴]/[逥], to circle/to go back/to turn around/to answer/to return/to revolve/Hui ethnic gr...
        huílai, [回來], to return/to come back
        huíjiā, to return home
        huíqu, to return/to go back
        huídào, to return to
        huídá, to reply/to answer/the answer/CL:個|个[gè]
        huítóu, [回頭], to turn round/to turn one's head/later/by and by
        huíyì, [回憶], to recall/memories/CL:個|个[gè]
        huíbào, [回報], (in) return/reciprocation/payback/retaliation/to report back/to reciprocate
        zhǎohuí, to retrieve
        shōuhuí, to regain/to retake/to take back/to withdraw/to revoke
        huígù, [回顧], to look back/to review
        fǎnhuí, to return to/to come (or go) back
        huíguī, [回歸], to return to/to retreat/regression (statistics)
        huífù, [回復], to reply/to recover/to return (to a previous condition)/Re: in reply to (email)
        huíyìng, [回應], to respond/response
        huíjiàn, [回見], See you later!
        huíhé, one of a sequence of contests (or subdivisions of a contest) between the same tw...
        huíxiǎng, to recall/to recollect/to think back
        huíbì, [迴避], variant of 迴避|回避[huí bì], to shun/to avoid (sb)/to skirt/to evade (an issue)/to ...
        wǎnhuí, to retrieve/to redeem
        láihuí, [來回], to make a round trip/return journey/back and forth/to and fro/repeatedly
        huíshōu, to recycle/to reclaim/to retrieve/to recover/to recall (a defective product)
        xúnhuí, [巡迴], to go around/to roam/to tour
        bóhuí, [駁回], to reject/to turn down/to overrule
        huídiàn, [回電], to reply to a telegram/to wire back
        qǔhuí, to retrieve
        chèhuí, to recall/to revoke/to retract
        huíxìn, to reply/to write back/letter written in reply/CL:封[fēng]
        xúnhuíyǎnchū, [巡迴演出], (theater etc) to tour/to be on tour/to give itinerant performances
        huíhuà, [回話], to reply
        qǐsǐhuíshēng, to rise from the dead (idiom); fig. an unexpected recovery
退         tuìhuí, to return (an item)/to send back/to go back
        zhàohuí, to recall (a product, an ambassador etc)
        huíchē, [回車], enter (computer key)
        huíguó, [回國], to return to one's home country
        huíyīn, echo/reply/turn (ornament in music)
        shúhuí, [贖回], to redeem
        dàihuí, [帶回], to bring back
        lúnhuí, [輪回]/[輪迴], variant of 輪迴|轮回[lún huí], to reincarnate/reincarnation (Buddhism)/(of the seaso...
        huíshēng, [回聲], echo
        huíshǒu, to turn around/to look back/to recollect
        xiàhuí, next chapter/next time
        huíxuán, [迴旋], to cycle around/cyclotron/slalom, to turn around/maneuvering room/leeway
        huíyìlù, [回憶錄], memoir
        huíjī, [回擊], to fight back/to return fire/to counterattack
        duóhuí, [奪回], to take back (forcibly)/to recapture/to win back
        huíchéng, return trip
        huíjué, [回絕], to rebuff/to refuse/to turn down
        huíjìng, to return a compliment/to give sth in return
        huíwèi, to reflect on/to ponder over/aftertaste
        huíxiǎng, [回響]/[迴響], variant of 迴響|回响[huí xiǎng], to echo/to reverberate/to respond/echo/response/rea...
        yūhuí, [迂迴], roundabout route/circuitous/tortuous/to outflank/indirect/roundabout
        huísù, to recall/to look back upon
        huítóulù, [回頭路], the road back to where one came from
        chuánhuí, [傳回], to send back
        huílù, to return/circuit (e.g. electric)/loop
        liǎnghuíshì, [兩回事], two quite different things/two unrelated matters
        huíkòu, brokerage/a commission paid to a middleman/euphemism for a bribe/a kickback
        huízhuǎn, [回轉]/[迴轉], to rotate/to turn round/slalom, to revolve/to rotate/rotation
        huídàng, [迴盪], to resound/to reverberate/to echo
        huílǐ, [回禮], to return a greeting/to send a gift in return
        shànghuí, last time/the previous time
        zhéhuí, to turn back/to retrace one's steps
        huílǎojiā, to go back to one's roots/to return to one's native place/by ext. to join one's ...
        wúkěwǎnhuí, [無可挽回], irrevocable/the die is cast
        huíxíngzhēn, [回形針], paper clip
        huíshēng, to rise again after a fall/to pick up/rally (stock market etc)
        Huíjiào, Islam
        tánhuí, [彈回], to rebound
        bānhuí, to pull back/to regain (one's dignity etc)/to recover from (an adverse situation...
        fēnghuílùzhuǎn, [峰回路轉], the mountain road twists around each new peak (idiom)/(of a mountain road) twist...
        yǒuqùwúhuí, [有去無回], gone forever (idiom)
        zǒuhuítóulù, [走回頭路], to turn back/to backtrack/(fig.) to revert to the former way of doing things
        huínuǎn, (of the weather) to warm up again
        huíchūn, return of spring
        miàoshǒuhuíchūn, magical hands bring the dying back to life (idiom); miracle cure/brilliant docto...
        huítóukè, [回頭客], repeat customer
        huíliú, to flow back/reflux/circumfluence/refluence/backward flow/returning flow (e.g. o...
        huíwèiwúqióng, [回味無窮], leaving a rich aftertaste/(fig.) memorable/lingering in memory
        huíyóu, variant of 洄游[huí yóu]
        huímóu, to glance back/to look back/retrospective
        huílóng, [回籠], to steam again/to rewarm food in a bamboo steamer/to withdraw currency from circ...
        huígùzhǎn, [回顧展], retrospective (exhibition)
        huíláng, [迴廊], winding corridor/cloister/ambulatory (covered walkway around a cloister)
        huítiānfáshù, [回天乏術], unable to turn around a hopeless situation (idiom)/to fail to save the situation
        huítiáo, [回條], receipt/note acknowledging receipt
        huízhí, [回執], receipt (written acknowledgement of receipt of an item)
        huímǎqiāng, [回馬槍], sudden thrust (that catches the opponent off guard)
        zhuīhuí, to recover (sth lost or stolen)/to get back
        huíhán, a reply (in writing)
        huíwén, palindrome
        huíhuǒ, to temper (iron)/to flare back/flareback (in a gas burner)/(of an engine) to bac...
        huítiānwúlì, [回天無力], unable to turn around a hopeless situation (idiom)/to fail to save the situation
        huíqǐng, [回請], to return an invitation
线         Běihuíguīxiàn, [北回歸線], Tropic of Cancer
        huítiě, to reply to an invitation/(Internet) to post a comment on a forum topic
线         Nánhuíguīxiàn, [南回歸線], Tropic of Capricorn
访         huífǎng, [回訪], (pay a) return visit
        dàngqìhuícháng, [蕩氣回腸], heart-rending (drama, music, poem etc)/deeply moving
        huídān, [回單], receipt
        huícháo, to become moist again/to revive (usually of sth bad)/resurgence
线         huíguīxiàn, [回歸線], tropic/one of the two latitude lines, Tropic of Capricorn or Tropic of Cancer
        huíluò, to fall back/to return to low level after a rise (in water level, price etc)
        huífǎn, to return/to go back/to come back
        huílú, [回爐], to melt down/to remelt (metals)/fig. to acquire new education/to bake again
        huíchējiàn, [回車鍵], carriage return
        huíchángdàngqì, [回腸盪氣], soul-stirring (of drama, poem or artwork)/heart-rending/deeply moving
        huíbō, echo (e.g. radar)/returning wave
        huírào, [回繞], winding
        dìhuí, [遞迴], see 遞歸|递归[dì guī]
        huílìqiú, jai alai/cesta punta (sports)/ball used in this sport
        Lónghuí, Longhui county in Shaoyang 邵陽|邵阳[Shào yáng], Hunan

        Jiào/jiāo/jiào, surname Jiao, to teach, religion/teaching/to make/to cause/to tell
        jiàotáng, church/chapel/CL:間|间[jiān]
        jiàoliàn, [教練], instructor/sports coach/trainer/CL:個|个[gè],位[wèi],名[míng]
        jiàoshòu, professor/to instruct/to lecture on/CL:個|个[gè],位[wèi]
        jiàoyù, to educate/to teach/education
        jiàoxun, [教訓], lesson/moral/to chide sb/to lecture sb
        zōngjiào, religion
        jiāohuì/jiàohuì, [教會], to show/to teach, Christian church
        jiàoshī, [教師], teacher/CL:個|个[gè]
        jiàoshì, classroom/CL:間|间[jiān]
        zhǔjiào, bishop
        jiàodǎo, [教導], to instruct/to teach/guidance/teaching
        Tiānzhǔjiào, Catholicism
        Jīdūjiào, Christianity/Christian
        Jiàohuáng, Roman Catholic pope/Supreme Pontiff
        jiàotú, disciple/follower of a religion
        jiāoshū, [教書], to teach (in a school)
        jiàofù, godfather
        jiàoxué, [教學], to teach/teaching and learning/education/CL:門|门[mén],個|个[gè]
        jiàoyǎng, [教養], to train/to educate/to bring up/to nurture/education/culture/upbringing/early co...
        yìjiàotú, [異教徒], member of another religion/heathen/pagan/heretic/apostate
        Tiānzhǔjiàotú, Catholic/follower of Catholicism
        jiàoqū, [教區], parish
        shuōjiào, [說教], to preach
        jiàoshì, churchman/clergy
        Yóutàijiào, [猶太教], Judaism
        jiājiào, family education/upbringing/to bring sb up/private tutor
        chuánjiàoshì, [傳教士], missionary
        jiàoguān, military instructor
        xiéjiào, evil cult
        jiàoyì, [教義], creed/doctrine/teachings
        guǎnjiào, to discipline/to teach/to guarantee
        jiàopài, sect
        qǐngjiào, [請教], to ask for guidance/to consult
        xìnjiào, religious belief/to practice a faith/to be religious
        jiàosuō, to instigate/to incite/to abet
        dàzhǔjiào, archbishop/primate (of a church)/metropolitan
        Jīdūjiàotú, a Christian
        tiáojiào, [調教], to instruct/to teach/to train/to raise (livestock)
        zhùjiào, teaching assistant
        jiàoyǒu, church member
        jiàokēshū, [教科書], textbook/CL:本[běn]
        chuánjiào, [傳教], to preach/missionary/to evangelize
        jiàohuì, [教誨], to instruct
        lǐngjiào, [領教], much obliged/thank you/to ask advice/(ironically or humorously) to experience/to...
        Yīsīlánjiào, [伊斯蘭教], Islam
        zhǐjiào, to give advice or comments
        Fójiào, Buddhism
        hóngyīzhǔjiào, [紅衣主教], Catholic Cardinal
        zhíjiào, [執教], to teach/to be a teacher/to train/to coach
        jiāokè, [教課], to teach class/to lecture
        yìjiào, [異教], heresy/heathenism
        jiàoyuán, [教員], teacher/instructor/CL:個|个[gè]
        Jiàotíng, the Papacy/the Vatican/the Church government/Holy See
        Fójiàotú, Buddhist
        qīngjiàotú, Puritan
        xīnjiàotú, Protestant/adherent of Protestantism
        gāoděngjiàoyù, higher education
        Yìndùjiào, Hinduism/Indian religion
        jiàotiáo, [教條], doctrine/dogma/creed/dogmatic
        jiàozhǔ, founder or leader of a religion or sect/(fig.) revered figure
        rènjiào, to hold a teaching position
        jiàoguī, [教規], canon/religious rules
        Jiàoyùbù, Ministry of Education
        jiàocái, teaching material/CL:本[běn]
        jiàochéng, course of study/teaching module at university/tutorial
        jiàowù, [教務], educational administration
        láojiàosuǒ, [勞教所], correctional institution/labor camp
        Huíjiào, Islam
        jiàoxuélóu, [教學樓], teaching block/school building
        jiàozōng, pope
        tǎojiào, [討教], to consult/to ask for advice
        jiàoyùxué, [教育學], pedagogy
        Xīnjiào, Protestant church/Protestantism
        qiújiào, to ask for advice/seeking instruction
        jiàozhíyuán, [教職員], teaching and administrative staff
        jiàowùzhǎng, [教務長], provost
        láojiào, [勞教], reeducation through labor
        jiàoyùjiā, educationalist
        jiàoyánshì, teaching and research section
        guójiào, [國教], state religion
        kèzuòjiàoshòu, visiting professor/guest professor
        Dàojiào, Taoism/Daoism (Chinese system of beliefs)
        jiàozhíyuángōng, [教職員工], teaching and administrative staff
        Jiàoshījié, [教師節], Teachers' Day (September 10th in PRC and Confucius's birthday, September 28th in...
        jiàobiān, teacher's pointer
        jiàojù, teaching aids/educational materials
        tèshūjiàoyù, special education/special-needs education
        xuéqiánjiàoyù, [學前教育], preschool education/early childhood education
        jiàoliànyuán, [教練員], sports coach/training personnel
        zàijiào, to be a believer (in a religion, esp. Islam)
        Dōngzhèngjiào, [東正教], Eastern Orthodox Church
        jiàoàn, lesson plan/teaching plan/a "missionary case" (a dispute over Christian missiona...
        sānjiàojiǔliú, the Three Religions (Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism) and Nine Schools (Confucian...
        jiàoxuéfǎ, [教學法], teaching method/pedagogics
        jiàotiáozhǔyì, [教條主義], dogmatism
        yánchuánshēnjiào, [言傳身教], to teach by words and example (idiom)
        jiàoyùjiè, academic world/academic circles/academia
        jiàotóu, [教頭], sporting coach/military drill master (in Song times)
        lǚjiàobùgǎi, [屢教不改], lit. not to change, despite repeated admonition/incorrigible/unrepentant
        chūděngjiàoyù, primary education/junior school education
        jiàozhígōng, [教職工], teaching and administrative staff
        zhèngjiào, lit. true religion/orthodox religion/orthodox Christianity/Islam (in the writing...
        lǐjiào, [禮教], Confucian code of ethics
        jiàoyùgōngzuòzhě, educator
        Yēsūjiào, [耶穌教], Protestantism
        fùjiàoshòu, associate professor (university post)
        jiàofǎ, teaching method/teachings/doctrine
        Báiliánjiào, [白蓮教], White Lotus society
        jiāoshūjiàng, [教書匠], hack teacher/pedagogue
        jiàoyùwěiyuánhuì, [教育委員會], school board
        kējiàopiàn, science education film/popular science movie
        yīshénjiào, monotheistic religion/monotheism
        wénjiào, culture and education
        yòujiào, preschool education/abbr. for 幼兒教育|幼儿教育[yòu ér jiào yù]
        Sàmǎnjiào, [薩滿教], Shamanism
        yíjiào, [遺教], work or plans left as a legacy/the views of the departed/posthumous orders or te...
        Rújiào, Confucianism
        jiàoliànjī, [教練機], trainer (aircraft)
        jīchǔjiàoyù, [基礎教育], elementary education
        Dàojiàotú, a Daoist/a follower of Daoism
        jiàoběn, textbook
        shūjīzhǔjiào, [樞機主教], cardinal (of the Catholic Church)
        jiànjiào, [見教], I have been enlightened by your teaching (humble)

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