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[底邊] dǐbiān base (of a triangle)
base line
hem line (of skirt)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        dàodǐ, finally/in the end/when all is said and done/after all/to the end/to the last
        de/dǐ, (equivalent to 的 as possessive particle), background/bottom/base/end (of the mon...
        chèdǐ, [徹底], thorough/thoroughly/complete
        dǐxia, the location below sth/afterwards
        wòdǐ, [臥底], to hide (as an undercover agent)/an insider (in a gang of thieves)/a mole
线         dǐxiàn, [底線], to underline/bottom line/base line (in sports)/baseline/minimum/spy/plant
        hǎidǐ, seabed/seafloor/bottom of the ocean
        Dǐtèlǜ, Detroit, Michigan
        xīndǐ, bottom of one's heart
        dǐbù, bottom
        xiēsīdǐlǐ, hysteria (loanword)/hysterical
        shuōdàodǐ, [說到底], in the final analysis/in the end
        dǐcéng, [底層], ground or first floor/bottom (of a pile)/lowest rung (of society)
        dǐpiàn, negative/photographic plate
        xiédǐ, sole (of a shoe)
        dǐxì, [底細], inside information/the ins and outs of the matter/how things stand/what's up
        yuèdǐ, end of the month
        jiǎodǐ, [腳底], soles of the feet
        gǔdǐ, valley floor/(fig.) lowest ebb/all-time low
        mídǐ, [謎底], answer to a riddle
        Sūgélādǐ, [蘇格拉底], Socrates (469-399 BC), Greek philosopher/José Sócrates (1957-), prime minister o...
        dǐpán, [底盤], chassis
        Nuòmàndǐ, [諾曼底], Normandy, France
        shuǐdǐ, underwater
        dǐpái, cards in one's hand/(fig.) undisclosed strength or information/hidden trump
        niándǐ, the end of the year/year-end
        tiāndǐxia, in this world/under the sun
        guīgēnjiédǐ, [歸根結底], in the final analysis/ultimately
        páogēnwèndǐ, [刨根問底], to dig up roots and inquire at the base (idiom); to get to the bottom of sth
        dǐzuò, base/pedestal/foundation
        guīgēndàodǐ, [歸根到底], after all/in the final analysis/ultimately
        píngdǐguō, [平底鍋], frying pan
        dǐzi, base/foundation/bottom
        wúdǐdòng, [無底洞], bottomless pit
        dǐqì, [底氣], lung capacity/lung power/stamina/confidence
        bāndǐ, ordinary members of theatrical troupe
        gōngdǐ, training in the basic skills/knowledge of the fundamentals
        fēngdǐ, the back cover of a book
        jǐngdǐzhīwā, the frog at the bottom of the well (idiom)/fig. a person of limited outlook and ...
        dǐxiàn, lowest limit/bottom line
        lòudǐ, to let out a secret
        píngdǐ, flat bottomed/low heeled
        bǎodǐ, to break even/to guarantee a minimum (salary etc)
        jiādǐ, family property/patrimony
        dǐxīn, basic salary/base pay/salary floor
        YòufālādǐHé, [幼發拉底河], Euphrates River
        dǐbiān, [底邊], base (of a triangle)/base line/hem line (of skirt)
        Xībōkèlādǐ, Hippocrates (c. 460 BC - c. 370 BC), Greek physician, father of Western medicine
        yǎndǐ, fundus of the eye (containing the choroid, retina, optic nerve etc)/inside the e...
        liúdǐ, to keep a copy/copy kept for archiving/to put aside a portion (of a money sum)
        jìnshōuyǎndǐ, [盡收眼底], to take in the whole scene at once/to have a panoramic view
        dǐyùn, [底蘊], inside information/concrete details
        gēndǐ, foundation/grounding/background/what lies at the bottom of sth/root/cause
        dǐshù, [底數], radix/base (math.)
        xièdǐ, [洩底], to divulge the inside story
        mōdǐ, to have a clear view (of a situation)/to fish for information/fact-finding
        yǎndǐxia, in front of one's eyes/in full view as a panorama/right now
        jiēdǐ, to reveal the inside story/to expose sb's secrets
        jīdǐ, plinth/base/substrate
        qùniándǐ, late last year/the end of last year
        zhuīgēnwèndǐ, [追根問底], lit. to examine roots and inquire at the base (idiom); to get to the bottom of s...

        nàbian, [那邊], over there/yonder
        zhèbiān, [這邊], this side/here
        shēnbiān, [身邊], at one's side/on hand
        biān/bian, [邊], side/edge/margin/border/boundary/CL:個|个[gè]/simultaneously, suffix of a noun of ...
        yībiān, [一邊], one side/either side/on the one hand/on the other hand/doing while
        pángbiān, [旁邊], lateral/side/to the side/beside
        zuǒbian, [左邊], left/the left side/to the left of
        yòubian, [右邊], right side/right, to the right
        biānyuán, [邊緣], edge/fringe/verge/brink/periphery/marginal/borderline
        hǎibiān, [海邊], coast/seaside/seashore/beach
        biānjìng, [邊境], frontier/border
        lùbiān, [路邊], curb/roadside/wayside
        liǎngbian, [兩邊], either side/both sides
        húbiān, [湖邊], lakeside
        kàobiān, [靠邊], to keep to the side/to pull over/move aside!
        biānjiè, [邊界], boundary/border
        hébiān, [河邊], river bank
        běibiān, [北邊], north/north side/northern part/to the north of
        nánbian, [南邊], south/south side/southern part/to the south of
        wàibian, [外邊], outside/outer surface/abroad/place other than one's home
西         xībiān, [西邊], west/west side/western part/to the west of
        lǐbian, [裡邊], inside
        zhōubiān, [周邊], periphery/rim/surroundings/all around/perimeter/peripheral (computing)/spin-offs
        dōngbian, [東邊], east/east side/eastern part/to the east of
        shàngbian, [上邊], the top/above/overhead/upwards/the top margin/above-mentioned/those higher up
        ànbiān, [岸邊], shore
        hòubian, [後邊], back/rear/behind
        shǒubiān, [手邊], on hand/at hand
        xiàbian, [下邊], under/the underside/below
        bànbiān, [半邊], half of sth/one side of sth
        wúbiān, [無邊], without boundary/not bordered
        shuǐbiān, [水邊], edge of the water/waterside/shore (of sea, lake or river)
        huābiān, [花邊], lace/decorative border
线         biānxiàn, [邊線], sideline/foul line
        ěrbiānfēng, [耳邊風], lit. wind past your ear/fig. sth you don't pay much attention to/in one ear and ...
        Yánbiān, [延邊], Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture 延邊朝鮮族自治州|延边朝鲜族自治州 in Jilin province 吉林省 in ...
        zhānbiān, [沾邊], to have a connection with/to be close (to reality)/to be relevant/to have one's ...
        qiánbian, [前邊], front/the front side/in front of
        bùzhuóbiānjì, [不著邊際], not to the point/wide of the mark/neither here nor there/irrelevant
        biānfáng, [邊防], frontier defense
        xiāngbiān, [鑲邊], edge/border/to edge (with lace, embroidery etc)
        tiānbiān, [天邊], horizon/ends of the earth/remotest places
        biānyuǎn, [邊遠], far from the center/remote/outlying
        biānfēng, [邊鋒], wing/wing forward
        wúbiānwújì, [無邊無際], boundless/limitless
        biānmén, [邊門], side door/wicket door
        dānbiān, [單邊], unilateral
        shuāngbiān, [雙邊], bilateral
        huābiānxīnwén, [花邊新聞], media gossip/sensational news
        yībiāndǎo, [一邊倒], to have the advantage overwhelmingly on one side/to support unconditionally
        bùxiūbiānfú, [不修邊幅], not care about one's appearance (idiom)/slovenly in dress and manner
        Jīnbiān, [金邊], Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia
        cābiānqiú, [擦邊球], lit. to hit a ball or shuttlecock on the sideline/fig. to skirt the line legally...
沿         biānyán, [邊沿], edge/fringe
        biānchéng, [邊城], border town/remote town
        biānjì, [邊際], limit/bound/boundary/(economics) marginal
线         biānjièxiàn, [邊界線], boundary line/border line
        gǔnbiān, [滾邊], (of a dress etc) border, edging
        bànbiāntiān, [半邊天], half the sky/women of the new society/womenfolk
        biānjiāng, [邊疆], border area/borderland/frontier/frontier region
        Dùbiān, [渡邊], Watanabe (Japanese surname)
        mànwúbiānjì, [漫無邊際], extremely vast/boundless/limitless/digressing/discursive/going off on tangents/s...
        xiébiān, [斜邊], sloping side/hypotenuse (of a right-angled triangle)
        biānchuí, [邊陲], border area/frontier
        biānkuàng, [邊框], frame/rim
        biānyuánhuà, [邊緣化], to marginalize/marginalization
        tiēbiān, [貼邊], welt/facing (of a garment)/to be relevant
        biānguān, [邊關], border station/strategic defensive position on frontier
        dǐbiān, [底邊], base (of a triangle)/base line/hem line (of skirt)
        sìbiānxíng, [四邊形], quadrilateral
        duōbiān, [多邊], multilateral
        biānsài, [邊塞], frontier fortress
        biānjiǎoliào, [邊角料], scrap/bits and pieces left over
        duōbiānxíng, [多邊形], polygon
        wǔbiānxíng, [五邊形], pentagon
        liùbiānxíng, [六邊形], hexagon
        zhěnbiānfēng, [枕邊風], pillow talk
        máobiān, [毛邊], raw edge (textiles, papermaking etc)/rough edge
        qiāobiāngǔ, [敲邊鼓], to back sb up/to support sb in an argument/(lit. to beat nearby drum)
        biāncháng, [邊長], length (of a side, geom.)
        biānzhài, [邊寨], frontier stockade
        biānfángzhàn, [邊防站], border station/frontier post
        jiāngbiān, [江邊], river bank

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