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[連衣裙] liányīqún woman's dress

Character Composition

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Word Compounds

        Lián/lián, [連], surname Lian, to link/to join/to connect/continuously/in succession/including/(u...
        liánjiē, [連接], to link/to join/to attach/connection/a link (on web page)
        liánxù, [連續], continuous/in a row/serial/consecutive
        liánhuán, [連環], chain
        qiānlián, [牽連], to implicate/implicated/to link together
        liánsuǒ, [連鎖], to interlock/to be linked/chain (store etc)
        xiānglián, [相連], to link/to join/link/connection
        yīliánchuàn, [一連串], a chain of (events, errors, jobs, problems, successes etc)/a succession of (disa...
        liánlěi, [連累], to involve/to implicate sb/to spread to others (harm, trouble, damage etc)
        liánsuǒdiàn, [連鎖店], chain store
        liántǐ, [連體], conjoined (twins)
        liántóng, [連同], together with/along with
        liánxùjù, [連續劇], serialized drama/dramatic series/show in parts
        liánrèn, [連任], to continue in (a political) office/to serve for another term of office
        liánlián, [連連], repeatedly/again and again
        jiàzhíliánchéng, [價值連城], invaluable/priceless
        liányīqún, [連衣裙], woman's dress/frock/gown
        liánguàn, [連貫], strung together as a series
        jiēlián, [接連], on end/in a row/in succession
        liánhuánhuà, [連環畫], lianhuanhua (graphic novel)
        liánduì, [連隊], company (of troops)
        liánsuǒfǎnyìng, [連鎖反應], chain reaction
        liányè, [連夜], the same night/that very night/before this night is out
        liánjié, [連結], variant of 聯結|联结[lián jié]
        liántōng, [連通], to connect/to communicate/to relate/(math.) connected
        jiēèrliánsān, [接二連三], one after another (idiom)/in quick succession
        liándài, [連帶], to be related/to entail/to involve/joint (liability etc)
        yīlián, [一連], in a row/in succession/running
        liúlián, [流連], to loiter (i.e. reluctant to leave)/to linger on
        liánzhǎng, [連長], company commander
        liánxùxìng, [連續性], continuity
        liánlǐ, [連理], two trees that grow together as one/fig. conjugal union
        liánkùwà, [連褲襪], panty hose/tights/CL:雙|双[shuāng]
        liánmián, [連綿], continuous/unbroken/uninterrupted/extending forever into the distance (of mounta...
        liánzǎi, [連載], serialized/published as a serial (in a newspaper)
        niánlián/zhānlián, [粘連], to adhere/to stick together, adhesion/to adhere/to cohere/to stick
        liánshēng, [連聲], repeatedly (say something)
        liánjiēqì, [連接器], connector
        guānlián, [關連], variant of 關聯|关联[guān lián]
        jiēliánbùduàn, [接連不斷], in unbroken succession (idiom)
        liánzhóuzhuàn, [連軸轉], lit. to continuously revolve/to work non-stop/to work around the clock (idiom)
        liánqiáo, [連翹], Forsythia
        liántiān, [連天], reaching the sky/for days on end/incessantly
        hùlián, [互連], interconnection
        xuèròuxiānglián, [血肉相連], one's own flesh and blood (idiom); closely related
        liúliánwàngfǎn, [流連忘返], to linger/to remain enjoying oneself and forget to go home
        liánnián, [連年], successive years/over many years
        LǐLiánjié, [李連傑], Li Lianjie or Jet Li (1963-), martial arts sportsman, subsequently film star and...
        liánxùbùduàn, [連續不斷], continuous/unceasing
        liúlián, [留連], variant of 流連|流连[liú lián]
        sānliánshèng, [三連勝], hat-trick (sports)
        liánjiā, [連枷], flail
        liánzìhào, [連字號], hyphen (punct.)
        liánzhūpào, [連珠砲], in quick-fire succession
        Dàlián, [大連], Dalian subprovincial city in Liaoning province 遼寧省|辽宁省 in northeast China
        liánguōduān, [連鍋端], to take even the cooking pots (idiom)/to clean out/to wipe out
        zhūlián, [株連], to involve others (in a crime)/guilt by association
        liáncí, [連詞], conjunction
        liánrì, [連日], day after day/for several days running
        liánpiānlěidú, [連篇累牘], (of a piece of writing) long and tedious (idiom)/verbose
        liánzhū, [連珠], joined as a string of pearls/in rapid succession/alignment/Renju, a Japanese gam...
        liánmáng, [連忙], promptly/at once
        gǔròuxiānglián, [骨肉相連], lit. interrelated as bones and flesh (idiom); inseparably related/closely intert...
        liánpiàn, [連片], forming a continuous sheet/continuous/contiguous/closely grouped
        LiánZhàn, [連戰], Lien Chan (1936-), Taiwanese politician, former vice-president and chairman of G...
        liányòng, [連用], to continue using/use together with sth/use next
        pílián, [毗連], to adjoin
        huánglián, [黃連], Chinese goldthread (Coptis chinensis), rhizome used in medicine

        yīfu, clothes/CL:件[jiàn],套[tào]
        yī/yì, clothes/CL:件[jiàn], to dress/to wear/to put on (clothes)
        nèiyī, [內衣], undergarment/underwear/CL:件[jiàn]
        tuōyīwǔ, [脫衣舞], striptease
        shàngyī, jacket/upper outer garment/CL:件[jiàn]
        shuìyī, night clothes/pajamas
        máoyī, (wool) sweater/CL:件[jiàn]
        dàyī, overcoat/topcoat/cloak/CL:件[jiàn]
        chènyī, [襯衣], shirt/CL:件[jiàn]
        yīguì, [衣櫃], wardrobe/armoire/CL:個|个[gè]
        yīchú, [衣櫥], wardrobe
        gēngyīshì, change room/dressing room/locker room/toilet
        wàiyī, outer clothing/semblance/appearance
        xǐyījī, [洗衣機], washer/washing machine/CL:臺|台[tái]
        yǒngyī, swimsuit/bathing suit
        xǐyī, laundry
        yīzhuó, [衣著], clothes
        yīwù, clothing/clothing and other personal items
        xǐyīdiàn, laundry (commercial establishment)
        xǐyīfáng, laundry room
        fángdànyī, [防彈衣], bulletproof vest
便         biànyī, civilian clothes/plain clothes/plainclothesman
穿         chuānyī, to wear clothes/clothing
        yīmàojiān, [衣帽間], cloakroom
        yǔyī, raincoat/CL:件[jiàn]
        yījià, clothes hanger/clothes rack
        yīlǐng, [衣領], collar/neck
        jiùshēngyī, life jacket/life vest
        liányīqún, [連衣裙], woman's dress/frock/gown
        hóngyīzhǔjiào, [紅衣主教], Catholic Cardinal
        yóuyǒngyī, swimsuit/bathing costume
        yùyī, bathrobe
        yīguānchǔchǔ, immaculately dressed/well-groomed/dapper
        gēngyī, to change clothes/to go to the toilet (euphemism)
        tángyī, frosting or icing (on cakes etc)/sugarcoating
        kuānyī, [寬衣], Please take off your coat (honorific)
        yīguān, hat and clothes/attire
        yīshí, clothes and food
        yīshān, clothing/unlined garment
        chéngyī, ready-made clothes
        xǐyīfěn, laundry detergent/washing powder
        yīliào, material for clothing
        yīshang, clothes
        yīzhuāng, [衣裝], garment
        fēngyī, [風衣], windbreaker/wind cheater/wind jacket/CL:件[jiàn]
        shìyījiān, [試衣間], fitting room
        yīxiù, the sleeve of a garment
        qiánshuǐyī, [潛水衣], diving suit
        yīdài, pocket
        yīshífùmǔ, the people one depends upon for one's livelihood/one's bread and butter
        fēngyīzúshí, [豐衣足食], having ample food and clothing (idiom); well fed and clothed
        yībō, [衣缽], the cassock and alms bowl of a Buddhist master passed on to the favorite discipl...
        yīshì, [衣飾], clothes and ornaments
寿         shòuyī, [壽衣], burial clothes
        fǎyī, robe of a Buddhist priest/ceremonial garment of a Daoist priest/robe of a judge,...
        yīshízhùxíng, clothing, food, housing and transport (idiom); people's basic needs
        yìjǐnhuánxiāng, [衣錦還鄉], to come back to one's hometown in silken robes (idiom); to return in glory
        xuèyī, bloody garment
        yīdōu, pocket
        chángyī, [腸衣], sausage casing
        dōngyī, winter clothes
        féngyīzhēn, [縫衣針], sewing needle
        duǎnyī, short garment/short jacket
        yījiā, [衣夾], clothespin/clothes peg
        yījīn, the front piece(s) of a Chinese jacket/lapel
        jiéyīsuōshí, [節衣縮食], to save on food and clothing (idiom); to live frugally
        miányī, cotton-padded clothes/CL:件[jiàn]
        quēyīshǎoshí, short of food and clothing/destitute
        yībùbìtǐ, [衣不蔽體], lit. clothes not covering the body (idiom)/fig. poverty-stricken
        suōyī, woven rush raincoat
        yīgōu, [衣鉤], clothes hook
        xǐyībǎn, washboard
        yīqún, female clothing
        zhàoyī, overalls/CL:件[jiàn]
        bāoyī, capsule (containing medicine)/husk (of corn)
        liángtǐcáiyī, [量體裁衣], lit. measure the body then tailor the suit (idiom); fig. to act according to act...

        qúnzi, skirt/CL:條|条[tiáo]
        qún, [帬]/[裠], old variant of 裙[qún], skirt/CL:條|条[tiáo], old variant of 裙[qún]
        wéiqún, [圍裙], apron
        liányīqún, [連衣裙], woman's dress/frock/gown
        chángqún, [長裙], cheong sam (long skirt)
        mínǐqún, miniskirt
        chāoduǎnqún, miniskirt
        chènqún, [襯裙], petticoat
        tàoqún, woman's suit/dress worn over a petticoat
        bǎizhěqún, pleated skirt
        yīqún, female clothing

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