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HSK 6 word: freq index 23660
[詫異] chàyì flabbergasted

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chàyì, [詫異], flabbergasted/astonished
        jīngchà, [驚詫], to be surprised/to be amazed/to be stunned
        chà, [詫], to be surprised/to be astonished

        yìcháng, [異常], exceptional/abnormal/an anomaly
        yì, [異], different/other/hetero-/unusual/strange/surprising/to distinguish/to separate/to...
        guàiyì, [怪異], monstrous/strange/strange phenomenon
        guǐyì, [詭異], strange/weird
        yìxìng, [異性], the opposite sex/of the opposite sex/heterosexual/different in nature
        yìyì, [異議], objection/dissent
        yìjiàotú, [異教徒], member of another religion/heathen/pagan/heretic/apostate
        biànyì, [變異], variation
        qíyì, [奇異], fantastic/bizarre/odd/exotic/astonished
        chāyì, [差異], difference/discrepancy
        jīngyì, [驚異], amazed
        yìguó, [異國], exotic/foreign
        tèyìgōngnéng, [特異功能], supernatural power/extra-sensory perception
        yìxiǎngtiānkāi, [異想天開], to imagine the wildest thing/to indulge in fantasy
        yìyàng, [異樣], difference/peculiar
        yōuyì, [優異], exceptional/outstandingly good
        yìduān, [異端], heresy
        líyì, [離異], to divorce
        yìjiào, [異教], heresy/heathenism
        tèyì, [特異], exceptionally good/excellent/clearly outstanding/distinctive/peculiar/unique
        dàfàngyìcǎi, [大放異彩], to shine (of talents, skills, accomplishment)/to demonstrate extraordinary talen...
        yìnéng, [異能], different function
        wúyì, [無異], nothing other than/to differ in no way from/the same as/to amount to
        yìxiāng, [異鄉], foreign land/a place far from home
        yàyì, [訝異], to be surprised/to be astonished
        chàyì, [詫異], flabbergasted/astonished
        yìdì, [異地], different place/abroad
        biāoxīnlìyì, [標新立異], to start on sth new and different (idiom); to display originality
        yìwù, [異物], rarity/rare delicacy/foreign matter/alien body/the dead/ghost/monstrosity/alien ...
        yìcǎi, [異彩], extraordinary splendor
        yìzú, [異族], different tribe
        jiǒngyì, [迥異], totally different
        yìhūxúncháng, [異乎尋常], unusual/extraordinary
        yìkǒutóngshēng, [異口同聲], different mouths, same voice/to speak in unison (idiom)
        yìyù, [異域], foreign country/alien land
        gèyì, [各異], all different/each unto his own
        yìjǐ, [異己], dissident/alien/outsider
        dàtóngxiǎoyì, [大同小異], virtually the same/differing only on small points
        qízhuāngyìfú, [奇裝異服], bizarre dress
        rìxīnyuèyì, [日新月異], daily renewal, monthly change (idiom)/every day sees new developments/rapid prog...
        yìguótāxiāng, [異國他鄉], foreign lands and places (idiom); living as expatriate
        yīnrénéryì, [因人而異], varying from person to person (idiom); different for each individual
        yìzhuàng, [異狀], unusual condition/something odd/strange shape
        qiútóngcúnyì, [求同存異], to seek common ground while holding back differences (idiom); to agree to differ
        jiànyìsīqiān, [見異思遷], to change at once on seeing sth different (idiom); loving fads and novelty/never...
        tóngchuángyìmèng, [同床異夢], lit. to share the same bed with different dreams (idiom); ostensible partners wi...
        yìtóng, [異同], comparison/differences and similarities
        yìtǐ, [異體], variant form (of a Chinese character)
        yìxīn, [異心], disloyalty/infidelity
        zhēnyì, [珍異], rare/precious and odd
        yìhuà, [異化], alienation (philosophy)/(of speech) dissimilation
        yìbù, [異步], asynchronous
        qíhuāyìhuì, [奇花異卉], exotic flowers and rare herbs (idiom)
        yìxiāng, [異香], rare perfume
        xīnyì, [新異], new and different/novelty
        yìxiāngrén, [異鄉人], from another land/alien

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