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Word: freq index 6308
[收視率] shōushìlǜ ratings (of a TV show)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        shōudào, to receive
        shōu, to receive/to accept/to collect/to put away/to restrain/to stop/in care of (used...
        shōushi, to put in order/to tidy up/to pack/to repair/(coll.) to sort sb out/to fix sb
        shōují, to gather/to collect
        shōuhuí, to regain/to retake/to take back/to withdraw/to revoke
        shōuyǎng, [收養], to take in and care for (an elderly person, a dog etc)/to adopt (a child)/adopti...
        shōurù, to take in/income/revenue/CL:筆|笔[bǐ],個|个[gè]
        shōukàn, to watch (a TV program)
        shōuyīnjī, [收音機], radio/CL:臺|台[tái]
        shōucáng, to hoard/to collect/collection/to bookmark (Internet)
        shōuhuò, [收獲]/[收穫], variant of 收穫|收获[shōu huò], to harvest/to reap/to gain/crop/harvest/profit/gain/...
        jiēshōu, reception (of transmitted signal)/to receive/to accept/to admit/to take over (e....
        mòshōu, [沒收], to confiscate/to seize
        shōujù, [收據], receipt/CL:張|张[zhāng]
        xīshōu, to absorb/to assimilate/to ingest/to recruit
        shōushìlǜ, [收視率], ratings (of a TV show)
        huíshōu, to recycle/to reclaim/to retrieve/to recover/to recall (a defective product)
        shōufèi, [收費], to charge a fee
        shōumǎi, [收買], to purchase/to bribe
        shōugòu, [收購], to purchase (from various places)/to acquire (a company)
        shōuyì, earnings/profit
        shōuchǎng, [收場], the end/an ending/to wind down/to conclude
        shōuliú, to offer shelter/to have sb in one's care
        shōusuō, [收縮], to pull back/to shrink/to contract/(physiology) systole
        shōuróngsuǒ, temporary shelter/hospice/refuge (e.g. for animals)/detention center
        shōuyín, [收銀], to receive payment
        shōutīng, [收聽], to listen to (a radio broadcast)
        shōugōng, to stop work for the day (generally of laborers)/to knock off
        shōucángjiā, a collector (e.g. of artworks)
        shōuliǎn, [收斂], to dwindle/to vanish/to make vanish/to exercise restraint/to curb (one's mirth, ...
        shuìshōu, [稅收], taxation
        shōuqǔ, to receive/to collect
        bùkěshōushí, irremediable/unmanageable/out of hand/hopeless
        shōuyā, in custody/to keep sb in detention
        jiēshōuqì, receiver
        shōuwěi, to wind up/to bring to an end/to finish
        qiānshōu, [簽收], to sign for the acceptance of sth (e.g. a delivery etc)
        shōugē, to harvest/to reap/to gather in crops
        shōuróng, to provide a place to stay/to house/to accommodate/(of an institution etc) to ta...
        shōufā, [收發], to receive and send/to receive and transmit
        shōuyínjī, [收銀機], cash register/check out counter
        shōufèizhàn, [收費站], tollbooth
        shōuchéng, harvest
        fēngshōu, [豐收], bumper harvest
        shōujǐn, [收緊], to tighten up (restrictions etc)
        shōuzhī, cash flow/financial balance/income and expenditure
        shōufāshì, [收發室], mail room/radio room (i.e. reception and transmission)
        shōujiǎo, [收繳], to recover (illegally obtained property)/to seize/to capture/to force sb to hand...
        shōulù, [收錄], to include (in a collection)/to put together (stories, poems etc)/to record/to e...
        zhāoshōu, to hire/to recruit
        dīshōurù, low income
        jùshōu, to reject/to refuse to accept
        shōushuì, [收稅], to collect tax
        zhēngshōu, [徵收], to levy (a fine)/to impose (a tariff)
        shōuyīn, to receive a radio signal/to make an audio recording/(of an auditorium etc) to h...
        shōushòu, to receive/to accept
        zǒngshōurù, [總收入], gross income
        yànshōu, [驗收], to inspect and accept/acceptance
        niánshōurù, annual income
        mínglìshuāngshōu, [名利雙收], both fame and fortune (idiom)/both virtue and reward
        shōutiáo, [收條], receipt
        shōuxià, to accept/to receive
        shōufù, [收復], to recover (lost territory etc)/to recapture
        shōujiān, [收監], to imprison/to take into custody
        shōufú, to subdue/to force to capitulate/to reduce to submission/to soothe
        měibùshèngshōu, [美不勝收], nothing more beautiful can be imagined (idiom)
        shōulùjī, [收錄機], radio-tape recorder
        shōulǒng, [收攏], to draw to oneself/to gather up/to collect/to fold up (an umbrella, wings etc)/t...
        qiūshōu, fall harvest/to reap
        chuàngshōu, [創收], to generate revenue/extra income
        zuòshōuyúlì, [坐收漁利], benefit from others' dispute (idiom)
        qiànshōu, crop failure/poor harvest
        shōupán, [收盤], market close
        shōuxiào, to yield results
        jìngshōurù, [淨收入], net income/net profit
        jìnshōuyǎndǐ, [盡收眼底], to take in the whole scene at once/to have a panoramic view
        máoshōurù, gross income/gross profit
        cǎocǎoshōuchǎng, [草草收場], to rush to conclude a matter/to end up abruptly
        shōuyìlǜ, earnings rate/earnings yield (finance)
        dàishōu, to receive sth on another's behalf
        shōubīng, to retreat/to withdraw troops/to recall troops/fig. to finish work/to wind up/to...
        shōunà, [收納], to receive/to accept/to take in/to hold
        shōubiān, [收編], to incorporate into one's troops/to weave in
        jiēshōujī, [接收機], receiver/TV or radio receiver
        shōuqì, [收訖], received in full (goods, payment)
        shōulǎn, [收攬], to win the support of/to get over to one's side/to keep control of
        shōuxīn, to concentrate on the task/to curb one's evil instincts
        shōuluó, [收羅], to gather (people)/to collect (talent)/to come to an end

        diànshì, [電視], television/TV/CL:臺|台[tái],個|个[gè]
        jiānshì, [監視], to monitor/to keep a close watch over/surveillance
        shìpín, [視頻], video
        diànshìtái, [電視臺], television station/CL:個|个[gè]
        shì, [眎]/[眡]/[視], variant of 視|视[shì]/variant of 示[shì], old variant of 視|视[shì], to look at/to re...
线         shìxiàn, [視線], line of sight
        diànshìjù, [電視劇], TV play/soap opera/CL:部[bù]
        wúshì, [無視], to ignore/to disregard
        hūshì, [忽視], to neglect/to ignore
        diànshìjī, [電視機], television set/CL:臺|台[tái]
        qíshì, [歧視], to discriminate against/discrimination
        zhòngshì, [重視], to attach importance to sth/to value
        jiānshìqì, [監視器], security camera/surveillance monitor
        zhùshì, [注視], to watch attentively/to gaze at
        shōushìlǜ, [收視率], ratings (of a TV show)
        shìjué, [視覺], sight/vision/visual
        shìwéi, [視為], to view as/to see as/to consider to be/to deem
        shìlì, [視力], vision/eyesight
        shìyě, [視野], field of view/horizon
        bǐshì, [鄙視], to despise/to disdain/to look down upon
线         yǒuxiàndiànshì, [有線電視], cable television
        shìérbùjiàn, [視而不見], to turn a blind eye to/to ignore
        miǎoshì, [藐視], to despise/to look down on
        tànshì, [探視], to visit (a patient, prisoner etc)/to look inquiringly
        shìjiǎo, [視角], viewpoint/angle on sth/perspective
        zhíshì, [直視], to look straight at
        shěnshì, [審視], to look closely at/to examine
        zhǒngzúqíshì, [種族歧視], racial discrimination/racism
        mièshì, [蔑視], to loathe/to despise/contempt
        níngshì, [凝視], to gaze at/to fix one's eyes on
        zhèngshì, [正視], to face squarely/to meet head on/to face up to
        qīngshì, [輕視], contempt/contemptuous/to despise/to scorn/scornful
        xúnshì, [巡視], to patrol/to make a tour/to inspect/to scan with one's eyes
        tòushì, [透視], to see through/perspective/to examine by fluoroscopy (i.e. X-ray)
        shìwǎngmó, [視網膜], retina
        bìlùdiànshì, [閉路電視], closed-circuit television
        kuīshì, [窺視], to peep at/to spy on/to peek
        hòushìjìng, [後視鏡], rearview mirror
        shìchá, [視察], to inspect/an investigation
        chóushì, [仇視], to view sb as an enemy/to be hateful towards
        duìshì, [對視], to look face to face
        hǔshìdāndān, [虎視眈眈], to glare like a tiger watching his prey (idiom)/to eye covetously
        shìzuò, [視作], to regard as/to treat as
        fǔshì, [俯視], to overlook/to look down at
        zhēnshì, [珍視], to place great importance on/to treasure
        yǐngshì, [影視], movies and television
        yīshìtóngrén, [一視同仁], to treat everyone equally favorably (idiom); not to discriminate between people
        mòshì, [漠視], to ignore/to neglect/to treat with contempt
        díshì, [敵視], hostile/malevolence/antagonism/to view as enemy/to stand against
        shìjiè, [視界], field of vision
        jìnshì, [近視], shortsighted/nearsighted/myopia
        shúshìwúdǔ, [熟視無睹], to pay no attention to a familiar sight/to ignore
        xiéshì, [斜視], a squint/sideways glance/to look askance
        mùshì, [目視], visual
        shìruòwúdǔ, [視若無睹], to turn a blind eye to
        kěshìdiànhuà, [可視電話], videophone
        duǎnshì, [短視], to lack foresight
        shìshénjīng, [視神經], optic nerve
        ruòshì, [弱視], amblyopia
        xiǎoshì, [小視], to belittle/to look down upon/to despise
        shìsǐrúguī, [視死如歸], to view death as a return home/to not be afraid of dying/to face death with equa...
        yǎngshì, [仰視], to tilt one's head back to see (sth)/to look up at
        diànshìtǎ, [電視塔], TV tower
        yuǎnshì, [遠視], farsighted/hyperopia or hypermetropia (farsightedness)
        hùnxiáoshìtīng, [混淆視聽], to obscure the facts (idiom); to mislead the public with prevarication and delib...
        sǎoshì, [掃視], to run one's eyes over/to sweep one's eyes over
        nùshì, [怒視], to glower (at sb)/to cast an angry look
        àoshì, [傲視], to turn up one's nose/to show disdain for/to regard superciliously
        Shìchuāng/shìchuāng, [視窗], Windows (the Microsoft operating system), a window (on a computer screen)
        wèishì, [衛視], satellite TV (abbr. for 衛星電視|卫星电视[wèi xīng diàn shì])
        tòushìtú, [透視圖], perspective drawing
        shìlìbiǎo, [視力表], eye chart (used by optician)
        xǐngshì, [省視], to call upon/to inspect

        lǜ/shuài, rate/frequency, to lead/to command/rash/hasty/frank/straightforward/generally/us...
        pínlǜ, [頻率], frequency
        jīlǜ, [幾率], probability/odds
        shōushìlǜ, [收視率], ratings (of a TV show)
        xiàolǜ, efficiency
        tǎnshuài, frank (discussion)/blunt/open
        cǎoshuài, careless/negligent/sloppy/not serious
        gàilǜ, probability (math.)
        qīngshuài, [輕率], cavalier/offhand/reckless
        shuàilǐng, [率領], to lead/to command/to head
        bǐlǜ, ratio/rate/percentage
        sǐwánglǜ, mortality rate
        zhíshuài, candid/frank
        zhīchílǜ, support level/popularity rating
        lìlǜ, interest rates
        shuàixiān, to take the lead/to show initiative
        gōnglǜ, rate of work/power (output)
        sùlǜ, speed/rate
        shīyèlǜ, [失業率], unemployment rate
        fēnbiànlǜ, resolution (of images, monitors, scanners etc)
        mìngzhònglǜ, hit rate/scoring rate
        huìlǜ, [匯率], exchange rate
        yuánzhōulǜ, [圓周率], (math.) the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter (π)
        biǎoshuài, example/model
        shuàizhí, frank/straightforward/blunt
        fābìnglǜ, [發病率], incidence of a disease/disease rate
        shuàizhēn, frank and sincere/candid
        cúnhuólǜ, (med.) survival rate/(med.) recovery rate
        duìhuànlǜ, [兌換率], currency exchange rate
        lìrùnlǜ, [利潤率], profit margin
        shìchǎngzhànyǒulǜ, [市場佔有率], market share
        fāshēnglǜ, [發生率], rate of occurrence
        zēngzhǎnglǜ, [增長率], growth rate (esp. in economics)
        huòránlǜ, probability (math.)
        tóupiàolǜ, proportion of vote/turnout in election
        shēngchǎnlǜ, [生產率], productivity/efficiency of production
        tǒngshuài, [統率], to command/to direct
        qūlǜ, curvature
        shōuyìlǜ, earnings rate/earnings yield (finance)
        chūshēnglǜ, birthrate
        shēngyùlǜ, birth rate
        chǔxùlǜ, [儲蓄率], savings rate
        chénghuólǜ, survival rate/rate of success
        tiēxiànlǜ, [貼現率], discount rate
        xiélǜ, slope
        cūshuài, rough/coarse/crude/without due care/ill-considered
        zhéshèlǜ, index of refraction
        gàilǜlùn, [概率論], probability (math.)
        chuánshūlǜ, [傳輸率], transmission rate
        rùxuélǜ, [入學率], percentage of children who enter school
        diàngōnglǜ, [電功率], electric power (measured in watts)
        fùgàilǜ, [覆蓋率], coverage
        bǎifēnlǜ, percentage/percent

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