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gēmí fan of a singer

Character Composition

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Word Compounds

        gē, [謌], song/CL:支[zhī],首[shǒu]/to sing, variant of 歌[gē]
        chànggē, to sing a song
        gēqǔ, song
        gēshǒu, singer
        gēcí, [歌詞], song lyric/lyrics
        gēchàng, to sing
        gēshēng, [歌聲], singing voice/fig. original voice of a poet
        gējù, [歌劇], Western opera/CL:場|场[chǎng],齣|出[chū]
        gēmí, fan of a singer
        shīgē, [詩歌], poem/CL:本[běn],首[shǒu],段[duàn]
        gēxīng, singing star/famous singer
        gēwǔ, singing and dancing
        qínggē, love song
        guógē, [國歌], national anthem
        gējùyuàn, [歌劇院], opera house
        sònggē, [頌歌], carol
        gēsòng, [歌頌], to sing the praises of/to extol/to eulogize
        kǎigē, [凱歌], triumphal hymn/victory song/paean
        érgē, [兒歌], nursery rhyme
        míngē, folk song/CL:支[zhī],首[shǒu]
        Gēlìyà, [歌利亞], Goliath
        duìgē, [對歌], answering phrase of duet/to sing antiphonal answer
        gēchàngjiā, singer
        gēyáo, [歌謠], folksong/ballad/nursery rhyme
        gēwǔjì, kabuki
        zàigēzàiwǔ, [載歌載舞], singing and dancing (idiom); festive celebrations
        gētán, [歌壇], singing stage/music business (esp. pop music)
        shènggē, [聖歌], hymn
        Gǔgē, [穀歌], variant of 谷歌[Gǔ gē], Google, Internet company and search engine
        gāogē, to sing loudly/to lift one's voice in song
        Gēdé/gēdé, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), German poet and dramatist, to sing the p...
        gēnǚ, female singer (archaic)
        gēgōngsòngdé, [歌功頌德], to sing sb's praises (mostly derogatory)
        gētīng, [歌廳], karaoke hall/singing hall (venue for concerts of popular songs)
        nénggēshànwǔ, can sing and dance (idiom); fig. a person of many talents
        gēwǔshēngpíng, lit. to celebrate peace with songs and dance (idiom)/fig. to make a show of happ...
        kěgēkěqì, lit. you can sing or you can cry (idiom); fig. deeply moving/happy and sad/inspi...
        gēwǔtuán, [歌舞團], song and dance troupe
        sìmiànChǔgē, lit. on all sides, the songs of Chu (idiom)/fig. surrounded by enemies, isolated...
        Ōugē/ōugē, [謳歌], Acura (Honda car model), (literary) to celebrate in song/to eulogize
        wǎngē, a dirge/an elegy
        yǐnhánggāogē, to sing at the top of one's voice (idiom)
        mùgē, shepherd's song/pastoral
        liàngē, [戀歌], love song
        shāngē, folk song/mountain song
        bēigē, sad melody/stirring strains/elegy/dirge/threnody/sing with solemn fervor
        gāogēměngjìn, [高歌猛進], to advance singing loudly (idiom); triumphant progress
        gēyǒng, [歌詠], singing
        gēr, [歌兒], song
        Guójìgē, [國際歌], The Internationale
        āigē, mournful song/dirge/elegy
        xiàogē, school song
        gēzi, song
西         Gēluóxī, [歌羅西], Colossia
        yīnggēyànwǔ, [鶯歌燕舞], the warbler sings and the swallow dances/prosperity abounds (idiom)

        mí, to bewilder/crazy about/fan/enthusiast/lost/confused
        mírén, fascinating/enchanting/charming/tempting
        hūnmí, to lose consciousness/to be in a coma/stupor/coma/stunned/disoriented
        mílù, to lose the way/lost/labyrinth/labyrinthus vestibularis (of the inner ear)
        míshī, to lose (one's bearings)/to get lost
        zháomí, [著迷], to be fascinated/to be captivated
        míhuo, to puzzle/to confuse/to baffle
        qiúmí, fan (ball sports)/CL:個|个[gè]
        míliàn, [迷戀], to be infatuated with/to be enchanted by/to be passionate about
        mínǐ, mini (as in mini-skirt or Mini Cooper) (loanword)
        gēmí, fan of a singer
        chīmí, infatuated/obsessed
        chénmí, to be engrossed/to be absorbed with/to lose oneself in/to be addicted to
        míxìn, superstition/to have a superstitious belief (in sth)
        mímáng, vast and indistinct/perplexed/bewildered/at a loss
        mígōng, [迷宮], maze/labyrinth
        mízhu, to fascinate/to strongly attract/to obsess/to infatuate/to captivate/to enchant
        míhu, muddle-headed/dazed/only half conscious
        míhuànyào, [迷幻藥], hallucinogen/psychedelic drug
        yǐngmí, film enthusiast/movie fan/CL:個|个[gè]
        míháng, off course/lost (of ship or plane)/having lost one's way
        hūnmíbùxǐng, to remain unconscious
        mítú, to lose one's way
        míwǎng, perplexed/at a loss
        míwù, [迷霧], dense fog/fig. completely misleading
        mílí, [迷離], blurred/hard to make out distinctly
        rùmí, to be fascinated/to be enchanted
        mínǐqún, miniskirt
        yuèmí, [樂迷], music fan
        dīmí, blurred (landscape etc)/low (spirits)/in a slump (economy)
        mímíhūhū, in a daze/bewildered
        mícǎifú, camouflage clothing
        xīnzuìshénmí, ecstatic/enraptured
        guǐmíxīnqiào, [鬼迷心竅], to be obsessed/to be possessed
        pūshuòmílí, [撲朔迷離], impossible to unravel/confusing
        zhímíbùwù, [執迷不悟], to obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way (idiom)
        zhǐzuìjīnmí, [紙醉金迷], lit. dazzling with paper and gold (idiom); fig. indulging in a life of luxury
        mítúzhīfǎn, to get back on the right path/to mend one's ways
        míhuòbùjiě, to feel puzzled
        míméng, [迷濛], misty
        cáimíxīnqiào, [財迷心竅], mad about money (idiom)
        cáimí, [財迷], money grubber/miser
        míhúnzhèn, [迷魂陣], stratagem to trap sb/to bewitch and trap
        mímèng, [迷夢], pipedream/unrealizable plan
        míhúntāng, [迷魂湯], potion that makes the soul forget its previous life/(fig.) words or actions inte...

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