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Word: freq index 88224
[重陽節] Chóngyángjié Double Ninth or Yang Festival
9th day of 9th lunar month

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhòngyào, important/significant/major
        chóng/zhòng, to repeat/repetition/again/re-/classifier: layer, heavy/serious/to attach import...
        chóngxīn, again/once more/re-
        yánzhòng, [嚴重], grave/serious/severe/critical
        zūnzhòng, to esteem/to respect/to honor/to value/eminent/serious/proper
        chóngfù, [重複]/[重覆], to repeat/to duplicate/CL:個|个[gè], variant of 重複|重复[chóng fù]
        chóngdiǎn/zhòngdiǎn, [重點], to recount (e.g. results of election)/to re-evaluate, important point/main point...
        zhòngdà, great/important/major/significant
        bǎozhòng, to take care of oneself
        tǐzhòng, [體重], body weight
        chóngjiàn, to rebuild/to reestablish/reconstruction/rebuilding
        zhòngshì, [重視], to attach importance to sth/to value
        shuāngchóng, [雙重], double
        zhòngliàng, weight/CL:個|个[gè]
        chénzhòng, heavy/hard/serious/critical
        zhìguānzhòngyào, [至關重要], extremely important/vital/crucial/essential
        zhòngzuì, serious crime/felony
        chóngyǎn, to recur (of events, esp. adverse ones)/to repeat (a performance)
        zhònglì, gravity
        chóngfǎn, to return to
        zhòngliàngjí, [重量級], heavyweight (boxing etc)
        chóngchóng/zhòngzhòng, layer upon layer/one after another, heavily/severely
        chóngxiàn, [重現], to reappear
        chóngzǔ, [重組], to reorganize/to recombine/recombination
        lóngzhòng, grand/prosperous/ceremonious/solemn
        zhòngyàoxìng, importance
        kànzhòng, to regard as important/to care about
        zhùzhòng, to pay attention to/to emphasize
        chóngféng, to meet again/to be reunited/reunion
        shènzhòng, cautious/careful/prudent
        zhòngxīn, center of gravity/central core/main part
        guìzhòng, [貴重], precious
        zhòngzhèng, acute (of medical condition)/grave
        zhòngshāng, [重傷], seriously hurt/serious injury
        chóngshēn, to reaffirm/to reiterate
        jìngzhòng, to respect deeply/to revere/to esteem
        zhòngjīnshǔ, [重金屬], heavy metal
        chóngwēn, [重溫], to learn sth over again/to review/to brush up/to revive (memories, friendship et...
        zhèngzhòng, [鄭重], serious/solemn
        chóngbō, to replay/to rerun/(agriculture) to reseed/to oversow
        qǐzhòngjī, [起重機], crane
        jiāzhòng, to make heavier/to emphasize/(of an illness etc) to become more serious/to aggra...
        wúzúqīngzhòng, [無足輕重], insignificant
        chóngdǎofùzhé, [重蹈覆轍], to follow the track of an overturned cart/to repeat a disastrous policy
        chóngshēng, to be reborn/rebirth
        chóngsù, to reconstruct (an art object)/to remodel
        cǎnzhòng, [慘重], disastrous
        duōchóng, multi- (faceted, cultural, ethnic etc)
        zhòngdàn, [重擔], heavy burden/difficult task/great responsibility
        zhuāngzhòng, [莊重], grave/solemn/dignified
        chāozhòng, overweight (baggage, freight)
        zhòngxíng, heavy/heavy duty/large caliber
        zhòngbìng, serious illness
        yánzhòngxìng, [嚴重性], seriousness
        zhòngchuāng, [重創], to inflict heavy losses/to inflict serious damage
        juǎntǔchónglái, [卷土重來], lit. to return in a swirl of dust (idiom)/fig. to regroup and come back even str...
        zhòngrèn, heavy responsibility
        chóngdié, [重疊], to overlap/to superimpose/to telescope/to run together/to duplicate/one over ano...
        chóngcāojiùyè, [重操舊業], to resume one's old trade (idiom)
        rúshìzhòngfù, [如釋重負], as if relieved from a burden (idiom)/to have a weight off one's mind
        èrchóngchàng, duet
        chónghūn, bigamy
        pòjìngchóngyuán, [破鏡重圓], a shattered mirror put back together (idiom)/(of marriage) to pick up the pieces...
        wéizhòng, [為重], to attach most importance to
        jǔzhòng, [舉重], to lift weights/weight-lifting (sports)
        bènzhòng, heavy/cumbersome/unwieldy
        jǔzúqīngzhòng, [舉足輕重], to play a critical role (idiom)/influential
        zhòngwù, heavy object
        wěnzhòng, [穩重], steady/earnest/staid
        fánzhòng, heavy/burdensome/heavy-duty/arduous/onerous
        chóngtí, to raise the same topic
        zhuózhòng, [著重], to put emphasis on/to stress
        zìzhòng, to conduct oneself with dignity/to be dignified/deadweight
        zhòngtóuxì, [重頭戲], opera (or role) involving much singing and action/(fig.) highlight/main feature/...
        hòuzhòng, thick/heavy/thickset (body)/massive/generous/extravagant/profound/dignified
        zhòngbàng, heavyweight/serious
        zhòngdù, serious/severe
        zhòngdú, [重讀], stress (on a syllable)
        chóngzhěng, to restructure/to reorganize/to revamp
        chóngzhěngqígǔ, lit. to reorganize flags and drums (idiom); to regroup after a setback/to prepar...
        zhòngyīn, accent (of a word)/stress (on a syllable)
        sìchóngzòu, quartet (musical ensemble)
        zhòngjīn, huge money/extremely rich/very expensive
        chóngwéi, [重圍], to redouble a siege
        zhòngyòng, to put in an important position
        shēnzhòng, very serious/grave/profound
        shīzhòng, weightlessness
        zhònglìchǎng, [重力場], gravitational field
        qìzhòng, to regard sth as valuable/to think highly of (a younger person, a subordinate et...
        chóngjiàntiānrì, [重見天日], to see the light again (idiom); delivered from oppression
        qīngzhònghuǎnjí, [輕重緩急], slight or important, urgent or non-urgent (idiom); to deal with important matter...
        qīngzhòng, [輕重], severity (of the case)/degree of seriousness/whether sth is slight or serious
        guòzhòng, [過重], overweight (luggage)
        zhòngwǔqì, heavy weapon
        dégāowàngzhòng, a person of virtue and prestige/a person of good moral standing and reputation
        zhòngzhōngzhīzhòng, of the utmost importance/of highest priority
        chónghé, to match up/to coincide
        zhòngjīqiāng, [重機槍], heavy machine gun
        zhònghuó, heavy job
        èrchóngzòu, duet (in music)
        zhòngfù, [重負], heavy load/heavy burden (also fig. of tax)
        zhòngshuǐ, heavy water (chemistry)
        chéngzhòng, to sustain/to bear the weight (of the upper storeys in architecture)/load-bearin...
        chóngfùxìng, [重覆性], repetitive
        zhòngfàn, serious criminal/felon
        zhòngbīng, massive military force
        lǎodiàochóngtán, [老調重彈], to play the same old tune (idiom); unoriginal
        zhòngpào, [重砲], heavy artillery
        rěnrǔfùzhòng, [忍辱負重], to endure humiliation as part of an important mission (idiom); to suffer in sile...
        bìngzhòng, [並重], to lay equal stress on/to pay equal attention to
        bǐzhòng, proportion/specific gravity
        yuǎndùchóngyáng, [遠渡重洋], to travel across the oceans
        nóngzhòng, [濃重], dense/thick/strong/rich (colors)/heavy (aroma)/deep (friendship)/profound (effec...
        zhēnzhòng, precious/extremely valuable/(honorific) Please take good care of yourself!
        gùdìchóngyóu, [故地重遊], to revisit old haunts (idiom); down memory lane
        chóngqǐ, [重啟], to reopen/to restart
        chóngwēnjiùmèng, [重溫舊夢], to revive old dreams (idiom); to relive past experiences
        qǐzhòng, to lift (sth heavy) using a crane or other mechanical means
        jiùdìchóngyóu, [舊地重遊], to revisit old haunts (idiom); down memory lane
        zhòngfá, [重罰], to punish severely
        zhòngdì, important place/strategic location
        zhòngyā, [重壓], high pressure/bearing a heavy weight
        chóngyǐng, overlapping images/double exposure of photo (e.g. due to fault or motion of came...
        cèzhòng, [側重], to place particular emphasis on
        rènzhòngdàoyuǎn, [任重道遠], a heavy load and a long road/fig. to bear heavy responsibilities through a long ...
        yǐzhòng, to rely heavily upon
        wēizhòng, critically ill
        bìzhòngjiùqīng, [避重就輕], to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial/to keep silent about major charg...
        gùjìchóngyǎn, to repeat an old stratagem/up to one's old tricks
        níngzhòng, dignified/grave (expression)/imposing (attitude)/heavy (atmosphere)/(music etc) ...
        zàizhòng, [載重], load/carrying capacity
        zhòngzài, [重載], heavy load (on a truck)
        chónggòu, [重構], to reconstruct/reconstruction/(computing) refactoring
        zhòngyúTàiShān, [重於泰山], heavier than Mt Tai (idiom); fig. extremely serious matter
        zhèngzhòngqíshì, [鄭重其事], serious about the matter
        piānzhòng, to stress in a prejudiced way/to emphasize sth unduly
        zhòngzhèn, [重鎮], (military) strategic town/(fig.) major center (for commerce, culture or tourism ...
        zhòngtīng, [重聽], hard of hearing
        chóngyìn, to reprint
        zhòngqīng, [重氫], heavy hydrogen (isotope)/deuterium
        chónghūnzuì, bigamy
        zhòngyuánsù, heavy element (such as uranium)
        cèzhòngdiǎn, [側重點], main point/emphasis
        chóngjù, to meet again
        máozhòng, gross weight
        chóngyáng, seas and oceans
        nóngmòzhòngcǎi, [濃墨重彩], thick and heavy in colors/to describe sth in colorful language with attention to...
        shāchūchóngwéi, [殺出重圍], to force one's way out of encirclement/to break through
        èrchóngxìng, dualism/two sided/double nature
        pèizhòng, bobweight/(diving) weight
        zhuózhònghào, [著重號], Chinese underdot (punct. used for emphasis, sim. to Western italics)
        chónglái, [重來], to start over/to do sth all over again
        zhòngtuō, great trust
        zhòngjiàn, [重劍], épée (fencing)
        Chóngqìng, [重慶], Chongqing city (Chungking), formerly in Sichuan province, a municipality since 1...
        chóngkāi, [重開], to reopen
        chóngxiū, to reconstruct/to repair/to revamp/to revise/to retake a failed course
        zhòngzāiqū, [重災區], area particularly hard-hit by a disaster/disaster area
        jiǔbiéchóngféng, [久別重逢], to meet again after a long period of separation
        zàizhòngliàng, [載重量], dead weight/weight capacity of a vehicle
        Chóngyángjié, [重陽節], Double Ninth or Yang Festival/9th day of 9th lunar month
        chízhòng, prudent/cautious/to be in charge of ritual ceremonies/to hold an important offic...
        ĀnZhònggēn, An Jung-geun or Ahn Joong-keun (1879-1910), Korean independence activist, famous...
        jièzhòng, to rely on sb for support
        zhòngbàn, [重辦], to punish severely

        tàiyang, [太陽], sun/CL:個|个[gè]/abbr. for 太陽穴|太阳穴[tài yáng xué]
        yángguāng, [陽光], sunshine/CL:線|线[xiàn]/transparent (open to public scrutiny)
        yángtái, [陽台]/[陽臺], variant of 陽臺|阳台[yáng tái], balcony/porch
        yáng, [陽], positive (electric.)/sun/male principle (Taoism)/Yang, opposite: 陰|阴[yīn]
        yángxìng, [陽性], positive/masculine
        tàiyángxì, [太陽系], solar system
        tàiyángnéng, [太陽能], solar energy
        shàitàiyáng, [曬太陽], to be in the sun (getting warm or sunbathing etc)/to put sth in the sun (e.g. to...
        tàiyángjìng, [太陽鏡], sunglasses
        xīyáng, [夕陽], sunset/the setting sun
        yīnyáng, [陰陽], yin and yang
        tàiyángshén, [太陽神], Sun God/Apollo
        yángwěi, [陽痿], (med.) impotence
        yángsǎn, [陽傘], parasol
        yánggāng, [陽剛], manly/masculine
        tàiyángxué, [太陽穴], temple (on the sides of human head)
        tàiyángyǎnjìng, [太陽眼鏡], sunglasses
        Hànyáng, [漢陽], Hanyang county in Hubei province/historical name Hanyang for Seoul, Korea
        Cháoyáng/cháoyáng/zhāoyáng, [朝陽], Chaoyang district in east and northeast Beijing, a county level district of Beij...
        YángguānDào, [陽關道], same as 陽關大道|阳关大道[Yáng guān Dà dào]
        zhēyáng, [遮陽], to shield from the sun
        Dōngyáng, [東陽], Dongyang county level city in Jinhua 金華|金华[Jīn huá], Zhejiang
西         xīyángxīxià, [夕陽西下], the sun sets in the west (idiom)
        yīnyángguàiqì, [陰陽怪氣], eccentric/peculiar/mystifying
        yángjiān, [陽間], the world of the living
        yànyángtiān, [豔陽天], bright sunny day/blazing hot day
        yángpíng, [陽平], evenly rising tone, the second tone of putonghua
        jiāoyáng, [驕陽], blazing sun
        Yángguān, [陽關], Yangguan or Southern Pass on the south Silk Road in Gansu, 70 km south of Dunhua...
        yángyán, [陽炎], dazzling sunlight/glare of sunlight
        yīnchāyángcuò, [陰差陽錯], (idiom) due to an unexpected turn of events
        Dānyáng, [丹陽], Danyang county level city in Zhenjiang 鎮江|镇江[Zhèn jiāng], Jiangsu
        Jīnyáng, [金陽], Jinyang county in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture 涼山彞族自治州|凉山彝族自治州[Liáng shān ...
        Xiàngyáng/xiàngyáng, [向陽], Xiangyang district of Kiamusze or Jiamusi city 佳木斯[Jiā mù sī], Heilongjiang/Xian...
        yángchūnmiàn, [陽春麵], plain noodles in broth
        xiéyáng, [斜陽], setting sun
        Chóngyáng, [崇陽], Chongyang county in Xianning 咸寧|咸宁[Xián níng], Hubei
        yángchūnbáixuě, [陽春白雪], melodies of the elite in the state of Chu 楚國|楚国[Chǔ guó]/highbrow art and litera...
        Ānyángshì, [安陽市], Anyang prefecture-level city in Henan
寿         yángshòu, [陽壽], predestined lifespan
        Ānyáng, [安陽], Anyang prefecture-level city in Henan
        Máyáng, [麻陽], Mayang Miao autonomous county in Huaihua 懷化|怀化[Huái huà], Hunan
        yángjí, [陽極], anode/positive electrode/positive pole
        yángwù, [陽物], penis
        zhēyángbǎn, [遮陽板], sun visor/sunshade/sunshading board
        yángfèngyīnwéi, [陽奉陰違], outward devotion but inner opposition (idiom); to pay lip service/to agree overt...
        Zǐyáng, [紫陽], Ziyang County in Ankang 安康[Ān kāng], Shaanxi
        GāoYáng/Gāoyáng, [高陽], Gao Yang (1926-1992), Taiwanese historical novelist, Gaoyang county in Baoding 保...
        Luòyáng, [洛陽], Luoyang prefecture-level city in Henan, an old capital from pre-Han times
        yángshì, [陽世], world of the living
        Yángchūn, [陽春], Yangchun county level city in Yangjiang 陽江|阳江[Yáng jiāng], Guangdong
        yánglì, [陽曆], solar calendar/Western (Gregorian) calendar
        Chóngyángjié, [重陽節], Double Ninth or Yang Festival/9th day of 9th lunar month
        Luòyángzhǐguì, [洛陽紙貴], lit. paper has become expensive in Luoyang (because everyone is making a copy of...
        Hǎiyáng, [海陽], Haiyang county level city in Yantai 煙台|烟台, Shandong
        Kāiyáng, [開陽], zeta Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper/Kaiyang county in Guiyang 貴陽|贵阳[Guì yáng], ...
        yánglízǐ, [陽離子], positive ion/cation (physics)
        tàiyángrì, [太陽日], solar day
        tàiyángdēng, [太陽燈], sunlamp

        jiémù, [節目], program/item (on a program)/CL:臺|台[tái],個|个[gè],套[tào]
        jiē/jié, [節], see 節骨眼|节骨眼[jiē gu yǎn], festival/holiday/node/joint/section/segment/part/to eco...
        Shèngdànjié, [聖誕節], Christmas time/Christmas season/Christmas
        xìjié, [細節], details/particulars
        jiérì, [節日], holiday/festival/CL:個|个[gè]
        Gǎnēnjié, [感恩節], Thanksgiving Day
        huánjié, [環節], (zoology) segment (of the body of a worm, centipede etc)/(fig.) a part of an int...
        jiézòu, [節奏], rhythm/tempo/musical pulse/cadence/beat
        qíngjié, [情節], plot/circumstances
        Qíngrénjié, [情人節], Valentine's Day
        jìjié, [季節], time/season/period/CL:個|个[gè]
        Fùhuójié, [復活節], Easter
        guānjié, [關節], joint (physiology)/key point/critical phase
        jiéshěng, [節省], saving/to save/to use sparingly/to cut down on
        guòjié, [過節], to celebrate a festival/after the celebrations (i.e. once the festival is over)
        tiáojié, [調節], to adjust/to regulate/to harmonize/to reconcile (accountancy etc)
        jiéshí, [節食], to save food/to go on a diet
        lǐjié, [禮節], etiquette
        jiéyuē, [節約], to economize/to conserve (resources)/economy/frugal
        guānjiéyán, [關節炎], arthritis
        jiépāi, [節拍], beat (music)/meter
        kuánghuānjié, [狂歡節], carnival
        diànyǐngjié, [電影節], film festival/CL:屆|届[jiè]
        Mǔqīnjié, [母親節], Mother's Day
        jiézhì, [節制], to control/to restrict/to moderate/to temper/moderation/sobriety/to administer
        yīnjié, [音節], syllable
        yīnyuèjié, [音樂節], music festival
        zhāngjié, [章節], chapter/section
        shíjié, [時節], season/time
        xiǎojié, [小節], a minor matter/trivia/bar (music)
        Láodòngjié, [勞動節], International Labor Day (May Day)
        jiēguyǎn, [節骨眼], (dialect) critical juncture/crucial moment/Taiwan pr. [jié gu yǎn]
        jiédiǎn, [節點], node
        Guóqìngjié, [國慶節], PRC National Day (October 1st)
        Yúrénjié, [愚人節], April Fools' Day
        tuōjié, [脫節], to come apart
        píjiǔjié, [啤酒節], Beer Festival
        fánwénrùjié, [繁文縟節], convoluted and overelaborate (document)/unnecessarily elaborate writing/mumbo-ju...
        biànjié, [變節], betrayal/defection/turncoat/to change sides politically
        tiáojiéqì, [調節器], regulator
        jiéjiàrì, [節假日], public holiday
        jiénéng, [節能], to save energy/energy-saving
        jìjiéxìng, [季節性], seasonal
        jiéjiǎn, [節儉], frugal/economical
使         shǐjié, [使節], (diplomatic) envoy
        sōngjiéyóu, [松節油], turpentine
        zhēnjié, [貞節], chastity/virginity (of women)/moral integrity (of men)/loyalty/constancy
        jiéyù, [節育], to practice birth control
        jiéjié, [結節], nodule/tubercle
        kuānguānjié, [髖關節], pelvis/hip joint
        míngjié, [名節], reputation and integrity
        yìshùjié, [藝術節], arts festival
        jiājié, [佳節], festive day/holiday
        jiéqìng, [節慶], festival
        xìzhīmòjié, [細枝末節], minor details/trifles
        jiécāo, [節操], integrity/moral principle
        shānjié, [刪節], to abridge/to cut a text down to size for publication
        zhījié, [枝節], branches and knots/fig. side issue/minor peripheral problem
        Chūnjié, [春節], Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
        jiélǜ, [節律], rhythm/pace
        jiéxuǎn, [節選], excerpt/selection (from a book)/to select/to choose an extract
        Jiàoshījié, [教師節], Teachers' Day (September 10th in PRC and Confucius's birthday, September 28th in...
        dàjié, [大節], major festival/important matter/major principle/high moral character
        jiéwàishēngzhī, [節外生枝], a new branch grows out of a knot (idiom); fig. side issues keep arising
        bùjūxiǎojié, [不拘小節], to not bother about trifles (idiom)
        zìjié, [字節], byte
        FùhuójiéDǎo, [復活節島], Easter Island
        jiépāiqì, [節拍器], metronome
        jiénéngdēng, [節能燈], compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)
        jiéyú, [節餘], to save/savings
        jiēzi, [節子], gnarl/knot
        mòjié, [末節], inessentials/minor detail
        dēngjié, [燈節], the Lantern Festival (15th of first month of lunar calendar)
        jiéliúfá, [節流閥], a throttle
        qìjié, [氣節], moral integrity/unflinching righteousness
        gāofēngliàngjié, [高風亮節], of noble character and unquestionable integrity (idiom)
        Wǔyuèjié, [五月節], Dragon Boat Festival (the 5th day of the 5th lunar month)
        jiéyīsuōshí, [節衣縮食], to save on food and clothing (idiom); to live frugally
        qínjiǎnjiéyuē, [勤儉節約], diligent and thrifty (idiom)
        Pōshuǐjié, [潑水節], Songkran (Thai New Year)
        jiéyóu, [節油], to economize on gasoline/fuel-efficient
        Duānwǔjié, [端午節], Dragon Boat Festival (5th day of the 5th lunar month)
        Gǔěrbāngjié, [古爾邦節], Eid al-Adha or Festival of the Sacrifice (Qurban), celebrated on the 10th day of...
        jiézhīdòngwù, [節肢動物], arthropod
        jiéshuǐ, [節水], to save water
        jiéqi, [節氣], solar term
        Chóngyángjié, [重陽節], Double Ninth or Yang Festival/9th day of 9th lunar month
        gǔjié, [骨節], joint (of the skeleton)
        Zhōngqiūjié, [中秋節], the Mid-Autumn Festival on 15th of 8th lunar month
        jiéliú, [節流], to control flow/to choke/weir valve/a throttle/a choke

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