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Word: freq index 28204
[調味品] tiáowèipǐn seasoning

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        diàochá, [調查], investigation/inquiry/to investigate/to survey/survey/(opinion) poll/CL:項|项[xiàn...
        diào/tiáo, [調], to transfer/to move (troops or cadres)/to investigate/to enquire into/accent/vie...
        tiáozhěng, [調整], to adjust/adjustment/revision/CL:個|个[gè]
        tiáoqíng, [調情], to flirt
        dīdiào, [低調], low pitch/quiet (voice)/subdued/low-key/low-profile
        qiángdiào, [強調], to emphasize (a statement)/to stress
        kōngtiáo, [空調], air conditioning/air conditioner (including units that have a heating mode)/CL:臺...
        xiétiáo, [協調], to coordinate/to harmonize/to fit together/to match (colors etc)/harmonious/conc...
        diàotóu/diàotou, [調頭], variant of 掉頭|掉头[diào tóu], tone (of voice)/tune
        tiáowèi, [調味], seasoning/condiment/flavoring/dressing/essences
        tiáojié, [調節], to adjust/to regulate/to harmonize/to reconcile (accountancy etc)
        diàodòng, [調動], to transfer/to maneuver (troops etc)/movement of personnel/to mobilize/to bring ...
        tiáopí, [調皮], naughty/mischievous/unruly
        shīdiào/shītiáo, [失調], out of tune (music), imbalance/to become dysfunctional/to lack proper care (afte...
        yīndiào, [音調], pitch of voice (high or low)/pitch (of a musical note)/tone
        tiáoliào, [調料], condiment/seasoning/flavoring
        diàozi, [調子], tune/melody/tuning/cadence/intonation/(speech) tone
        tiáoxì, [調戲], to take liberties with a woman/to dally/to assail a woman with obscenities
        dāndiào, [單調], monotonous
        diàodù, [調度], to dispatch (vehicles, staff etc)/to schedule/to manage/dispatcher/scheduler
        qiāngdiào, [腔調], accent
        tiáojiě, [調解], to mediate/to bring parties to an agreement
        chéncílàndiào, [陳詞濫調], cliché/commonplace/truism/stereotype
        tiáojiào, [調教], to instruct/to teach/to train/to raise (livestock)
        yǔdiào, [語調], intonation/CL:個|个[gè]
        qíngdiào, [情調], sentiment/tone and mood/taste
        gédiào, [格調], style (of art or literature)/form/one's work style/moral character
        pēngtiáo, [烹調], to cook/cooking
        diàohuàn, [調換], to exchange/to change places/to swap
        xiǎodiào, [小調], xiaodiao, a Chinese folk song genre/minor key (in music)
        qǔdiào, [曲調], tune/melody
        diàopèi/tiáopèi, [調配], to allocate/to deploy, to blend (colors, herbs)/to mix
        bùdiào, [步調], gait/marching order/step/pace
        chàngfǎndiào, [唱反調], to express a different view/to take a different position
        tiáopín, [調頻], frequency modulation/FM
        zǒudiào, [走調], out of tune/off-key
        dàdiào, [大調], major key (in music)
        tiáoshì, [調試], to debug/to adjust components during testing/debugging
        shēngdiào, [聲調], tone/note/a tone (on a Chinese syllable)/CL:個|个[gè]
        diàoqiǎn, [調遣], to dispatch/to assign/a dispatch
        diàoyán, [調研], to investigate and research/research/investigation
        tiáohé, [調和], harmonious/to mediate/to reconcile/to compromise/mediation/to mix/to blend/blend...
        tiáotíng, [調停], to reconcile/to mediate/to bring warring parties to agreement/to arbitrate
        tiáozhì, [調制]/[調製], to modulate/modulation, to concoct by mixing ingredients/to prepare according to...
        diàozhuǎn, [調轉], to reassign sb to a different job/to turn around/to change direction/to make a U...
        tiáokǎn, [調侃], to ridicule/to tease/to mock/idle talk/chitchat
        sèdiào, [色調], hue/tone
        diàoyòng, [調用], to transfer (for a specific purpose)/to allocate/(computing) to invoke (a comman...
        jīdiào, [基調], main key (of a musical composition)/keynote (speech)
        gāodiào, [高調], high-sounding speech/bombast/high-profile
        tiáojiéqì, [調節器], regulator
        lùndiào, [論調], argument/view (sometimes derogatory)
        tiáogēng, [調羹], spoon
        tiáowèipǐn, [調味品], seasoning/flavoring
        tiáosè, [調色], to blend colors/to mix colors
        xiétiáoyuán, [協調員], coordinator
        tiáojì, [調劑], to adjust/to balance/to make up a medical prescription
        diàorèn, [調任], to transfer/to move to another post
        diàojí, [調集], to summon/to muster/to assemble
        shàngtiáo, [上調], to raise (prices)/to adjust upwards
        diàopài, [調派], to send on assignment/to deploy (troops)
        jièdiào, [借調], to temporarily transfer (personnel)
        lǎodiàochóngtán, [老調重彈], to play the same old tune (idiom); unoriginal
        duìdiào, [對調], to swap places/to exchange roles
        biàndiào, [變調], tone sandhi/modified tone/(music) to change key/modulation
        tiáozhìjiětiáoqì, [調制解調器], modem
        diàochábiǎo, [調查表], questionnaire/inventory list/CL:張|张[zhāng],份[fèn]
        chōudiào, [抽調], to transfer (personnel or material)
        zhuǎndiào, [轉調], (music) to change key/modulation/(of an employee) to be transferred to another p...
        yǒngtàndiào, [詠嘆調], aria
        tiáokòng, [調控], to regulate/to control
        tiáolǐ, [調理], to nurse one's health/to recuperate/to take care of/to look after/to discipline/...
        tiáoxiào, [調笑], to tease/to poke fun at
        jiàngdiào, [降調], falling intonation (linguistics)/to lower the key of a tune/to demote
        shēngdiào, [昇調], rising tone (phonetics, e.g. on a question in English)
        zhēngdiào, [徵調], to conscript/to second (personnel)/to requisition (supplies etc)
        xiàdiào/xiàtiáo, [下調], to demote/to pass down to a lower unit, to adjust downwards/to lower (prices, wa...
        diàobō/tiáobō, [調撥], to send (products)/to allocate/to commit (funds)/to channel (goods), to sow disc...
        tiáoyǎng, [調養], to take care of (sb's health)/to nurse
        dìngdiào, [定調], to set the tone
        diàoyuè, [調閱], to access (a document)/to consult
        wēitiáo, [微調], fine tuning/trimming
        tiáojiāo, [調焦], to focus
        diàoqǔ, [調取], to obtain (information from an archive etc)
        qǐngdiào, [請調], to request a transfer
        diàorù, [調入], to bring in/to call in/to transfer (a person, data)/(computing) to call/to load ...
        jiětiáo, [解調], demodulation/to demodulate
        diàobīngqiǎnjiàng, [調兵遣將], to move an army and send a general (idiom); to deploy an army/to send a team on ...
        tiáofú, [調幅], amplitude modulation (AM)/size of an adjustment
        tiáosù, [調速], to adjust the speed
        chànggāodiào, [唱高調], to sing the high part/to speak fine sounding but empty words (idiom)
        tiáosèbǎn, [調色板], palette
        tiáoyún, [調勻], to blend (cooking)/to mix evenly
        fēngtiáoyǔshùn, [風調雨順], favorable weather (idiom); good weather for crops
        bǐdiào, [筆調], (of writing) tone/style
        diàochátuán, [調查團], investigating team
        bùdiàoyīzhì, [步調一致], to be united in action
        tiáoxié, [調諧], harmonious/to adjust/to tune (e.g. wireless receiver)/to bring into harmony
        diàomén/tiáomén, [調門], melody/pitch or key (music)/tone/style/point of view, valve
        diàoshì, [調式], (musical) mode
        tiáonòng, [調弄], to tease/to make fun of/to provoke/to stir up (trouble)
        shídiào, [時調], regional folk song popular during a certain period of time

        yìwèizhe, [意味著], to signify/to mean/to imply
        wèidao, flavor/smell/hint of
        wèi, taste/smell/classifier for drugs (in TCM)
        yìwèi, meaning/implication/flavor/overtone/to mean/to imply/(Tw) to get a sense of
        měiwèi, delicious/delicious food/delicacy
        kǒuwèi, a person's preferences/tastes (in food)/flavor
        qìwèi, [氣味], odor/scent
        zīwèi, taste/flavor/feeling
        pǐnwèi, to sample/to taste/to appreciate/one's taste (i.e. in music, literature, fashion...
        wèir, [味兒], taste
        fáwèi, tedious
        xiāngwèi, fragrance/bouquet/sweet smell/CL:股[gǔ]
        chòuwèi, bad smell/foul odor
        tiáowèi, [調味], seasoning/condiment/flavoring/dressing/essences
        fēngwèi, [風味], distinctive flavor/distinctive style
        qùwèi, fun/interest/delight/taste/liking/preference
        wúwèi, [無味], tasteless/odorless
        huíwèi, to reflect on/to ponder over/aftertaste
        rénqíngwèi, human warmth/friendliness/human touch
        guàiwèi, strange odor
        jiǔwèi, smell of alcohol/flavoring of rum or other liquor in food/aroma or nose (of wine...
        huǒyàowèi, [火藥味], smell of gunpowder/(fig.) combative tone/belligerence
        wèijué, [味覺], sense of taste/gustation
        tǐwèi, [體味], body odor/to appreciate a subtle taste
        tiánwèi, sweetness
        yùnwèi, [韻味], implicit charm in rhyme or sound/hinted appeal/interest
        yìwèi, [異味], unpleasant odor
        yìwèishēncháng, [意味深長], profound/significant/meaningful
        wèilěi, taste bud(s)
        yěwèi, game/wild animals and birds hunted for food or sport
        yuánzhīyuánwèi, original/authentic
        tiáowèipǐn, [調味品], seasoning/flavoring
        hǎiwèi, seafood
        yīwèi, blindly/invariably
        wèijīng, monosodium glutamate (MSG)
        nàirénxúnwèi, [耐人尋味], thought-provoking/worth thinking over/to provide food for thought
        yǒuzīyǒuwèi, flavorsome/(fig.) delightful/full of interest
        huíwèiwúqióng, [回味無窮], leaving a rich aftertaste/(fig.) memorable/lingering in memory
        nìwei, [膩味], tired of/fed up/sick/(of a person) to annoy/tiresome
        rùwèi, tasty/to be absorbed in sth/interesting
        tiánwèijì, [甜味劑], sweetener (food additive)
        wánwèi, to ruminate/to ponder subtleties
        měiwèikěkǒu, delicious/tasty
        shānzhēnhǎiwèi, exotic delicacies/luxury foodstuff from distant locations
        jīnjīnyǒuwèi, with keen interest (idiom)/with great pleasure/with gusto/eagerly
        wèitóngjiáolà, [味同嚼蠟], tastes as if one is chewing wax (idiom)/tasteless/insipid
        kǔwèi, bitter taste/bitterness
        wèisù, monosodium glutamate (MSG)
        zǒuwèi, to lose flavor
        xiānwèi, [鮮味], umami, one of the five basic tastes (cookery)
        xìngwèi, [興味], interest/taste

        dúpǐn, drugs/narcotics/poison
        zuòpǐn, work (of art)/opus/CL:部[bù],篇[piān]
        wùpǐn, articles/goods/materials
        chǎnpǐn, [產品], goods/merchandise/product/CL:個|个[gè]
        shípǐn, foodstuff/food/provisions/CL:種|种[zhǒng]
        pǐnpái, brand name/trademark
        pǐn, article/commodity/product/goods/kind/grade/rank/character/disposition/nature/tem...
        yàopǐn, [藥品], medicaments/medicine/drug
        yòngpǐn, articles for use/products/goods
        pǐnwèi, to sample/to taste/to appreciate/one's taste (i.e. in music, literature, fashion...
        jiǎngpǐn, [獎品], award/prize
        yìshùpǐn, [藝術品], art piece/work of art/CL:件[jiàn]
        huàzhuāngpǐn, [化妝品], cosmetic/makeup product
        shāngpǐn, commodity/goods/merchandise/CL:個|个[gè]
        jìniànpǐn, [紀念品], souvenir
        xiǎopǐn, short, simple literary or artistic creation/essay/skit
        zhànlìpǐn, [戰利品], spoils of war
        pǐncháng, [品嘗], to taste a small amount/to sample
        pǐnzhì, [品質], character/intrinsic quality (of a person)/quality (of a product or service, or a...
        pǐnwèi, rank/grade/quality/(aesthetic) taste
        yàngpǐn, [樣品], sample/specimen
        jípǐn, [極品], best quality/item of the highest quality/(slang) outrageous/annoying in the extr...
        pǐnzhǒng, [品種], breed/variety/CL:個|个[gè]
        tiánpǐn, dessert
        yànpǐn, [贗品], fake/counterfeit article
        zhìpǐn, [製品], products/goods
        zhuāngshìpǐn, [裝飾品], ornament
        jìpǐn, offering
        xīshēngpǐn, [犧牲品], sacrificial victim/sb who is expendable/item sold at a loss
        fùzhìpǐn, [複製品], replica/reproduction
        lǐpǐn, [禮品], gift/present
        cángpǐn, museum piece/collector's item/precious object
        fèipǐn, [廢品], production rejects/seconds/scrap/discarded material
        tìdàipǐn, substitute/alternative
        pǐntuō, [品脫], pint (approx. 0.47 liter) (loanword)
        rénpǐn, moral standing/moral quality/character/personality/appearance/looks (colloquial)...
        bìxūpǐn, necessity/essential (thing)
        huàxuépǐn, [化學品], chemicals
        shìpǐn, [飾品], ornament/item of jewelry/accessory
        pǐnjiǔ, to taste wine/to sip wine
        shēchǐpǐn, luxury good
        pǐnxíng, behavior/moral conduct
        zhǎnpǐn, exhibit/displayed item
        zèngpǐn, [贈品], gift/complimentary item/freebie/giveaway
        ātuōpǐn, atropine C7H3NǑ, alkaloid drug derived from deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna...
        gōngyìpǐn, [工藝品], handicraft article/handiwork/CL:個|个[gè]
仿         fǎngzhìpǐn, [仿製品], counterfeit object/fake
        pǐndé, moral character
        chéngpǐn, finished goods/a finished product
        yǐnpǐn, [飲品], beverage
        zhēnpǐn, valuable object/curio
        huòpǐn, [貨品], goods
        jīngpǐn, quality goods/premium product/fine work (of art)
        pǐntóulùnzú, [品頭論足], lit. to assess the head and discuss the feet (idiom); minute criticism of a woma...
        dǐyāpǐn, security (property held against a loan)/mortgaged property
        pǐngé, one's character/fret (on fingerboard of lute or guitar)
        rìyòngpǐn, articles for daily use/CL:件[jiàn],個|个[gè]
        jīngpǐndiàn, boutique
        cìpǐn, substandard products/defective/seconds
        nǎizhìpǐn, [奶製品], dairy product
        fùshǔpǐn, [附屬品], accessory/affiliated material/adjunct
        fùchǎnpǐn, [副產品], by-product
        bǔjǐpǐn, [補給品], supplies/stores
        tiáowèipǐn, [調味品], seasoning/flavoring
        gòngpǐn, [貢品], tribute
        nóngchǎnpǐn, [農產品], agricultural produce
        wēixiǎnpǐn, [危險品], hazardous materials
        pǐnxìng, nature/characteristic/moral character
        fǎngzhīpǐn, [紡織品], textile/fabrics
        rǔzhìpǐn, [乳製品], dairy products
        bànchéngpǐn, semi-manufactured goods/semifinished articles/semifinished products
        gòngpǐn, offering
        pǐnchá, to taste tea/to sip tea
        rǔpǐn, dairy product
        gōngyìngpǐn, [供應品], supplies
        zhèngpǐn, certified goods/quality product/normal product/A-class goods
        shàngpǐn, top-quality
        měishùpǐn, [美術品], an art object
        wěizàopǐn, [偽造品], counterfeit object/forgery/fake
        bǔpǐn, [補品], tonic
        yìnshuāpǐn, printed products
        juépǐn, [絕品], peerless artwork/absolute gem
        fùshípǐn, non-staple foods/(Tw) solids (food for infants other than breast milk and formul...
        pǐnhóng, [品紅], pink/light red
        yīpǐn, superb/first-rate/(of officials in imperial times) the highest rank
        pǐnpíng, [品評], to judge/to assess
        zhīpǐn, [織品], textile
        shìyòngpǐn, [試用品], prototype/trial product/test sample
        pǐnxuéjiānyōu, [品學兼優], excelling both in morals and studies (idiom); top marks for studies and for beha...
        zībǔpǐn, [滋補品], tonic/invigorant
        xiāofèipǐn, [消費品], consumer goods
        yìránwùpǐn, flammable articles
        píngtóupǐnzú, [評頭品足], to make idle remarks about a woman's appearance (idiom)
        yīpǐnhóng, [一品紅], poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)
        yíngyǎngpǐn, [營養品], nourishment/nutrient
        bèipǐn, [備品], machine parts or tools kept in reserve/spare parts
        diāokèpǐn, sculpture
        zhēnzhīpǐn, [針織品], knitwear
        guǒpǐn, fruit
        jìnpǐn, contraband goods
        pǐnmù, item
        bóláipǐn, [舶來品], (old) imported goods/foreign goods
        nǎipǐn, dairy product
        shāngpǐnhuà, commodification
        shēngwùzhìpǐn, [生物製品], biological product
        pǐnmíng, to taste tea/to sip tea
        quántouchǎnpǐn, [拳頭產品], competitive product/superior goods/with real punch
        Pǐnchuān, Shinagawa River/Shinagawa district of Tokyo
        yóupǐn, [郵品], items issued by a postal service and collected by philatelists (stamps, postcard...
        pǐnxì, [品繫], strain (of a species)
        pǐnmào, behavior and appearance

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