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Word: freq index 62981
rúhuāsìyù delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade (idiom)
(of a woman) exquisite

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        rúguǒ, if/in case/in the event that
        rúhé, how/what way/what
        rúcǐ, in this way/so
        rú, as/as if/such as
        bǐrú, for example/for instance/such as
        wúlùnrúhé, [無論如何], whatever the case/in any event/no matter what/by all possible means
        jiǎrú, if
        rújīn, nowadays/now
        bùrú, not equal to/not as good as/inferior to/it would be better to
        rútóng, like/as
        lìrú, for example/for instance/such as
        zhūrúcǐlèi, [諸如此類], things like this (idiom); and so on/and the rest/etc
        liǎorúzhǐzhǎng, [瞭如指掌], to know sth like the back of one's hand (idiom)/to know (a person, a place etc) ...
        zìrú, unobstructed/unconstrained/smoothly/with ease/freely
        yīrújìwǎng, just as in the past (idiom); as before/continuing as always
        rúxià, as follows
        yóurú, [猶如], similar to/appearing to be
        shǒukǒurúpíng, lit. to guard one's mouth like a closed bottle (idiom); tight-lipped/reticent/no...
        bùjǐnrúcǐ, [不僅如此], not only that, but ...
        rúyì, as one wants/according to one's wishes/ruyi scepter, a symbol of power and good ...
        rúyuàn, [如願], to have one's wishes fulfilled
        rúshí, [如實], as things really are/realistic
        rúyuànyǐcháng, [如願以償], to have one's wish fulfilled
        zhūrú, [諸如], (various things) such as/such as (the following)
        yǒurú, to be like sth/similar to/alike
        yìrúfǎnzhǎng, easy as a hand's turn (idiom); very easy/no effort at all
        pìrú, for example/for instance/such as
        wǎnrú, to be just like
        tūrúqílái, [突如其來], to arise abruptly/to arrive suddenly/happening suddenly
        rúshìzhòngfù, [如釋重負], as if relieved from a burden (idiom)/to have a weight off one's mind
        rúyúdéshuǐ, [如魚得水], like a fish back in water (idiom); glad to be back in one's proper surroundings
        zhèngrú, just as/precisely as
        bàotiàorúléi, stamp with fury/fly into a rage
        gǔshòurúchái, as thin as a match/emaciated (idiom)
        rúqī, as scheduled/on time/punctual
        rúchūyīzhé, [如出一轍], to be precisely the same/to be no different
        rúyǐngsuíxíng, [如影隨形], as the shadow follows the body (idiom)/closely associated with each other/to fol...
        yīpínrúxǐ, [一貧如洗], penniless
        rúcǐzhèbān, [如此這般], thus and so/such and such
        kōngkōngrúyě, as empty as anything (idiom); completely bereft/to have nothing/vacuous/hollow/e...
        rúlǚbóbīng, lit. as if walking on thin ice (idiom)/fig. to be extremely cautious/to be skati...
        xǔxǔrúshēng, vivid and lifelike (idiom); true to life/realistic
        qiàrúqífèn, (idiom) appropriate/apt/just right
        rúzuòzhēnzhān, [如坐針氈], lit. as if sitting on pins and needles/fig. to be in an uncomfortable situation
        dùrìrúnián, a day drags past like a year (idiom); time hangs heavy/time crawls when one is w...
        duījīrúshān, [堆積如山], to pile up like a mountain (idiom)/a mountain of (paperwork etc)/a large number ...
        shǐzhōngrúyī, [始終如一], unswerving from start to finish (idiom)
        wànshìrúyì, [萬事如意], to have all one's wishes (idiom)/best wishes/all the best/may all your hopes be ...
        bīnzhìrúguī, [賓至如歸], guests feel at home (in a hotel, guest house etc)/a home away from home
        rújīsìkě, [如飢似渴], to hunger for sth (idiom); eagerly/to long for sth
        biǎolǐrúyī, [表裡如一], external appearance and inner thoughts coincide (idiom); to say what one means/t...
        chènxīnrúyì, [稱心如意], after one's heart (idiom); gratifying and satisfactory/everything one could wish
        rúyìsuànpán, [如意算盤], counting one's chickens before they are hatched
        rúchīrúzuì, [如癡如醉], lit. as if drunk and stupefied (idiom)/fig. intoxicated by sth/obsessed with/mad...
        rúruò, if
        rúlái, [如來], tathagata (Buddha's name for himself, having many layers of meaning - Sanskrit: ...
        rúrìzhōngtiān, lit. like the sun at noon (idiom)/fig. to be at the peak of one's power, career ...
        rúhuǒrútú, like wildfire (idiom)/unstoppable
        yījiànrúgù, [一見如故], familiarity at first sight
        qiǎoshérúhuáng, lit. to have a tongue like a reed (idiom)/fig. to have a glib tongue
        shìsǐrúguī, [視死如歸], to view death as a return home/to not be afraid of dying/to face death with equa...
        tiězhèngrúshān, [鐵證如山], irrefutable evidence
        huījīnrútǔ, [揮金如土], lit. to squander money like dirt (idiom)/fig. to spend money like water/extravag...
        rúfǎpáozhì, [如法炮製], lit. to follow the recipe (idiom)/fig. to follow a set pattern
        huīhànrúyǔ, [揮汗如雨], to drip with sweat/sweat poured off (him)
        rúléiguàněr, [如雷貫耳], lit. like thunder piercing the ear/a well-known reputation (idiom)
        duōrúniúmáo, as many as the hair of the ox (idiom)/great amount of/countless
        rúlángsìhǔ, lit. like wolves and tigers/ruthless
        zìkuìbùrú, ashamed of being inferior (idiom)/to feel inferior to others
        shìrúpòzhú, [勢如破竹], like a hot knife through butter (idiom)/with irresistible force
        qīnrúyījiā, [親如一家], family-like close relationship (idiom)
        rúhǔtiānyì, lit. like a tiger that has grown wings/with redoubled power (idiom)
        hérú, how about/what kind of
        huǎngrúgéshì, like a thing of the previous generation/as if it were a lifetime ago
        chéngrú, [誠如], it is exactly as
        rúgù, as before/as usual/(to be) like old friends
        hànrúyǔxià, sweating like rain (idiom); to perspire profusely/sweating like a pig
        qiàrú, just as if
        bǎiwénbùrúyījiàn, [百聞不如一見], seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times (idiom); seeing for oneself i...
        huǎngrú, to be as if.../to be rather like...
        yīránrúgù, back to where we were (idiom); absolutely no improvement/Things haven't changed ...
        wěnrúTàiShān, [穩如泰山], steady as Mt Tai/as safe as houses
        huìmòrúshēn, [諱莫如深], important matter that must be kept secret (idiom); don't breathe a word of it to...
        rúshǔjiāzhēn, [如數家珍], lit. as if enumerating one's family valuables (idiom)/fig. to be very familiar w...
        lèirúyǔxià, [淚如雨下], tears falling like rain (idiom)
        rúhuāsìyù, delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade (idiom)/(of a woman) exquisite
        fúrúDōngHǎi, [福如東海], may your happiness be as immense as the East Sea (idiom)
        xiāngjìngrúbīn, [相敬如賓], to treat each other as an honored guest (idiom)/mutual respect between husband a...
        zhífǎrúshān, [執法如山], to maintain the law as firm as a mountain (idiom); to enforce the law strictly
        jíwùrúchóu, [疾惡如仇], to hate evil as one hates an enemy (idiom)
        àimínrúzǐ, [愛民如子], to love the common people as one's own children (praise for a virtuous ruler)
        duōyīshìbùrúshǎoyīshì, it is better to avoid unnecessary trouble (idiom)/the less complications the bet...
        gānzhīrúyí, [甘之如飴], lit. as sweet as syrup (idiom, from Book of Songs); to endure hardship gladly/a ...
        ZhāngChúnrú, [張純如], Iris Chang (1968-2004), Chinese American historian and author of the Rape of Nan...
        rúqìrúsù, [如泣如訴], lit. as if weeping and complaining (idiom)/fig. mournful (music or singing)
        rúhuòzhìbǎo, [如獲至寶], as if gaining the most precious treasure
        mòrú, it would be better

        Huā/huā, [芲]/[蘤], surname Hua, flower/blossom/CL:朵[duǒ],支[zhī],束[shù],把[bǎ],盆[pén],簇[cù]/fancy pat...
        huāyuán, [花園], garden/CL:座[zuò],個|个[gè]
        huāyàng, [花樣], pattern/way of doing sth/trick/(sports) fancy-style (as figure skating etc)
        huāqián, [花錢], to spend money
        huāfèi, [花費], expense/cost/to spend (time or money)/expenditure
        huāshēng, peanut/groundnut/CL:粒[lì]
        huǒhuā, spark/sparkle
        bàomǐhuā, puffed rice/popcorn
        xiānhuā, [鮮花], flower/fresh flowers/CL:朵[duǒ]
        tiānhuābǎn, ceiling
        yānhuā, [煙花], fireworks/prostitute (esp. in Yuan theater)
        huāshēngjiàng, [花生醬], peanut butter
        miánhua, cotton
        huāpíng, flower vase/fig. just a pretty face/CL:對|对[duì]
        huāzhāo, trick/maneuver/razzle-dazzle/(martial arts) fancy move/flourish
        lánhuā, [蘭花], cymbidium/orchid
        xuěhuā, snowflake
        huāduǒ, flower
        shuǎhuāzhāo, to play tricks on sb
        huāér/huār, [花兒], style of folk song popular in Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia/CL:首[shǒu], erhua varia...
        huābàn, petal/CL:片[piàn]
        línghuāqián, [零花錢], pocket money/allowance
        kāihuā, [開花], to bloom/to blossom/to flower/fig. to burst open/to feel happy or elated/new dev...
        huādiàn, flower shop
        méiguīhuā, rose
        huāwén, [花紋], decorative design
        huāshao, garish/gaudy
        liánhuā, [蓮花], lotus flower (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn, among others)/water-lily
        huāfěn, pollen
        júhuā, chrysanthemum/(slang) anus
        wúhuāguǒ, [無花果], fig (Ficus carica)
        yīnghuā, [櫻花], oriental cherry (Prunus serrulata or Prunus yedoensis), prized for its blossom/a...
        yǎnhuā, dimmed eyesight/blurred/vague and unclear vision
        huāshù, bouquet
        huāxiāo, [花銷], to spend (money)/expenses
        huāyēcài, cauliflower
        huābiān, [花邊], lace/decorative border
        huāxù, bits of news/interesting sidelights
        huāchē, [花車], car festooned for celebration
        huāxiāng, fragrance of flowers
        hónghuā, [紅花], safflower (Carthamus tinctorius)
        jǐnshàngtiānhuā, [錦上添花], lit. on brocade, add flowers (idiom); to decorate sth already perfect/gilding th...
        huāhuán, [花環], garland/floral hoop
        tiānhuā, smallpox/ceiling/stamen of corn/(old) snow/(dialect) sesame oil
        yǎnhuāliáoluàn, [眼花繚亂], to be dazzled
        huājiàng, gardener
        yìnhuā, tax stamp
        huāgāngyán, [花崗岩], granite
        xiùhuā, [繡花], to embroider/to do embroidery
        qiānniúhuā, [牽牛花], white-edged morning glory
        huāxīn, fickle (in love affairs)/dissipated/unfaithful/heart of a flower (pistil and sta...
        huāpén, flower pot
        huācóng, [花叢], cluster of flowers/inflorescence/flowering shrub
        yěhuā, wildflower/woman of easy virtue
        chāhuā, flower arranging/ikebana
        lànghuā, spray/ocean spray/spindrift/fig. happenings from one's life/CL:朵[duǒ]
        huāquān, wreath/garland
        táohuāyùn, [桃花運], luck with the ladies/a romance/good luck
        tiānhuāluànzhuì, [天花亂墜], lit. a deluge of heavenly flowers (idiom)/fig. extravagant embellishments/hype
        bǎihéhuā, lily/fig. pure and spotless person/virgin
        huāhuì, flowers and plants
        huācǎo, flowers and plants
        méihuā, plum blossom/clubs ♣ (a suit in card games)/wintersweet (dialect)
        shuǐxiānhuā, daffodil/narcissus/CL:棵[kē]
        máhuā, fried dough twist (crisp snack food made by deep-frying plaited dough)/worn out ...
        huǒhuāsāi, spark plug
        huāshì, fancy
        shuǐhuā, splash/algal bloom/chickenpox (dialect)
        huāmì, nectar
        huālěi, bud/flower bud
        zànghónghuā, [藏紅花], saffron (Crocus sativus)
        táohuā, peach blossom/(fig.) love affair
        huāsè, variety/design and color/suit (cards)
        dùjuānhuā, [杜鵑花], Indian Azalea (Rhododendron simsii Planch)
        zhīzihuā, [梔子花], cape jasmine (Gardenia jasminoides)
        HuāMùlán, [花木蘭], Hua Mulan, legendary woman warrior (c. fifth century), Northern dynasties folk h...
        huāshēngmǐ, shelled peanuts
        dàlìhuā, [大麗花], dahlia (loanword)
        jiàohuāzi, beggar
        huāzhīzhāozhǎn, lit. lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying in the breeze (idiom)/fig. gorgeo...
        huāní, tweed/checkered cloth
        wànhuātǒng, [萬花筒], kaleidoscope
        tánhuāyīxiàn, [曇花一現], lit. the night-blooming cactus shows once/flash in the pan (idiom)/short-lived
        Huādū, Huadu district of Guangzhou city 廣州市|广州市[Guǎng zhōu shì], Guangdong
        xiàohuā, the prettiest girl in the school (see also 校草[xiào cǎo])/school beauty queen/cam...
        huābiānxīnwén, [花邊新聞], media gossip/sensational news
        mòlihuā, jasmine
        huāqí, the Stars and Stripes (US flag)/by extension, the United States of America/abbr....
        huātóng, page boy/flower girl (at a wedding)
        tóuyūnyǎnhuā, [頭暈眼花], to faint with blurred vision (idiom); dizzy and eyes dimmed
        wǔhuābāmén, [五花八門], myriad/all kinds of/all sorts of
        huāzi, beggar (old term)
        huājì, youthful time/prime of youth/flowering season
        huāpǔ, flowerbed/parterre
        huāshì, [花飾], floral decoration/ornament/floral pattern
        píjiǔhuā, hops
        huātiānjiǔdì, to spend one's time in drinking and pleasure (idiom); to indulge in sensual plea...
        liǔànhuāmíng, lit. the willow trees make the shade, the flowers give the light (idiom); at one...
        càihuā, cauliflower/gonorrhea
        xiànhuā, [獻花], to offer flowers/to lay flowers (as a memorial)
        huāfáng, greenhouse
        lǐhuā, [禮花], fireworks
        huāqiányuèxià, see 月下花前[yuè xià huā qián]
        wǔhuāròu, pork belly/streaky pork
        xīnhuānùfàng, to burst with joy (idiom)/to be over the moon/to be elated
        báihuāhuā, shining white
        wánhuāzhāo, to play tricks
        huāquán, showy boxing of no practical use/see 花拳繡腿|花拳绣腿
        huābù, printed cloth/calico
        Huātán/huātán, [花壇], Huatan township in Changhua county 彰化縣|彰化县[Zhāng huà xiàn], Taiwan, decorative m...
        huánghuā, [黃花], yellow flowers (of various types)/chrysanthemum/cauliflower/(yellow) daylily/a y...
        kuíhuāzǐ, sunflower seeds
        lǎohuājìng, [老花鏡], presbyopic glasses
        huāguān, corolla
        huācài, cauliflower
        zhònghuā, [種花], to grow flowers/floriculture
        diāohuā, carving/decorative carved pattern/arabesque
        dòngfánghuāzhú, [洞房花燭], bridal room and ornamented candles/wedding festivities (idiom)
        huāyàngyóuyǒng, [花樣游泳], synchronized swimming
        lèihuā, [淚花], tears in the eyes
        zhǐhuā, [紙花], paper flower
        huāqiāng, [花槍], short spear (arch.)/fig. trickery
        huāhuì, [花會], flower fair or festival
        huāhuāshìjiè, the teeming world/the world of sensual pleasures
        huāhóng, [花紅], flowers on red silk (a traditional gift to celebrate weddings etc)/a bonus/crab ...
        huāgāngshí, [花崗石], granite
        xiānghuā, fragrant flower/fig. beneficial (of artworks etc)
        huāyánqiǎoyǔ, [花言巧語], graceful words, flowery speech (idiom); elegant but insincere words/cheating whe...
        júhuāchá, chrysanthemum tea
        lǎohuā, presbyopia
        huābái, grizzled (hair)
        huātou, [花頭], trick/pattern/novel idea/knack
        huājuǎn, Chinese steamed twisted bread roll
        mòlihuāchá, jasmine tea
        míngrìhuánghuā, [明日黃花], lit. chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival (idiom)/fig. outdated/thing ...
        xuěhuāgāo, vanishing cream/cold cream (makeup)
        huādàjiě, common word for ladybug, more formally 瓢虫
        hūnhuā, dim (eyesight)/blurred (vision)
        diànhuǒhuā, [電火花], electric spark
        huāzhī, spray (sprig of a plant with blossoms)/squid (on dining menus)/(literary) beauti...
        huāmù, flowers and trees/plants/flora
        huāqiāng, florid ornamentation in opera/coloratura
绿绿         huāhuālǜlǜ, [花花綠綠], brightly colored/gaudy
        HuāguǒShān, Mount Huaguo in Jiangsu, featured in 西遊記|西游记[Xī yóu Jì], tourist destination/(al...
鹿         méihuālù, sika deer
        xiùhuāxié, [繡花鞋], embroidered shoes
        yìnhuāshuì, [印花稅], stamp duty
        héhuā, lotus
        kuíhuā, sunflower
        tíhuā, Jacquard weave (machine weaving leaving protruding pattern)
        qīnghuā, blue and white (porcelain)
        huābān, patches/mottling
        qīnghuācí, blue and white porcelain
        huāhuāchángzi, [花花腸子], (slang) a cunning plot
        huāniǎo, [花鳥], painting of birds and flowers
        zǒumǎguānhuā, [走馬觀花], lit. flower viewing from horseback (idiom); a fleeting glance in passing/fig. su...
        shuānghuā, frost forming a pattern on a surface/rime
        yíngchūnhuā, winter jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum)
        dòuhuā, jellied tofu/soft bean curd
        fèngxiānhuā, [鳳仙花], balsam/Balsaminaceae (a flower family including Impatiens balsamina)/touch-me-no...
        jiǔhuā, hops
        yùmǐhuā, popcorn
        rúhuāsìyù, delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade (idiom)/(of a woman) exquisite
        cōnghuā, [蔥花], chopped onion
        tiǎohuā, cross-stitch (embroidery)
        lánhuāzhǐ, [蘭花指], hand gesture in traditional dances (joined thumb and middle finger, the rest ext...
        huánghuācài, [黃花菜], citron daylily (Hemerocallis citrina Baroni)/golden needles (edible flower)
        huājiāo, Sichuan pepper/Chinese prickly ash
        huāzhù, style (female organ of flower)
        huājiǎ, complete sexagenary cycle/a 60 year-old person/passage of time
        cháhuā, camellia
        huānóng, [花農], flower grower
        huāgǔduo, (coll.) flower bud
        tiěshùkāihuā, [鐵樹開花], lit. the iron tree blooms (idiom)/a highly improbable or extremely rare occurren...
        huāruǐ, stamen/pistil
        huākuí, the queen of flowers (refers esp. to plum blossom)/(fig.) nickname for a famous ...
        huājiàzi, attractive appearance, but without substance
        shāncháhuā, camellia
        guìhuā, osmanthus flowers/Osmanthus fragrans
        bìyuèxiūhuā, [閉月羞花], lit. hiding the moon, shaming the flowers (idiom)/fig. female beauty exceeding e...
        luòhuāshēng, peanut
        huāzhǎn, flower show
        tánhuā, [曇花], Dutchman's pipe cactus, aka Queen of the Night cactus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum)
        lǎohuāyǎn, presbyopia
        huāqī, the flowering season
        biàndìkāihuā, [遍地開花], to blossom everywhere/to spring up all over the place/to flourish on a large sca...
        jīnyínhuā, [金銀花], honeysuckle
        huāliǔbìng, sexually transmitted disease/venereal disease
        lèkāihuā, [樂開花], to burst with joy
        yíhuājiēmù, lit. to graft flowers onto a tree/to surreptitiously substitute one thing for an...
        bǎihuāqífàng, [百花齊放], a hundred flowers bloom (idiom); let the arts have free expression
        guàhuā, [掛花], to be wounded/(of plants) to bloom
        wùlǐkànhuā, [霧里看花], lit. to look at flowers in the fog (idiom); fig. blurred vision
        huādàn, role of vivacious young female in Chinese opera
        huāyā, signature (in grass-style writing)/symbol used in place of a signature (on a doc...
        huādēng, [花燈], colored lantern (used at Lantern Festival 元宵節|元宵节)
        táohuāyuán, the Peach Blossom Spring, a hidden land of peace and prosperity/utopia
        huājiàn, [花劍], foil (fencing)
        huālùshuǐ, perfumed toilet water/eau de cologne/floral water/hydrosol
        huābāo, flower bud
        qíhuāyìhuì, [奇花異卉], exotic flowers and rare herbs (idiom)
        lǎbahuā, morning glory
轿         huājiào, [花轎], bridal sedan chair

        sìhū, apparently/to seem/to appear/as if/seemingly
        shìde, seems as if/rather like/Taiwan pr. [sì de]
        lèisì, [類似], similar/analogous
        xiāngsì, to resemble/similar/like/resemblance/similarity
        màosì, to appear to be/to seem as if
        shì/sì, [佀], see 似的[shì de], to seem/to appear/to resemble/similar/-like/pseudo-/(more) than,...
        kànsì, to look as if/to seem
        sìcéngxiāngshí, [似曾相識], déjà vu (the experience of seeing exactly the same situation a second time)/seem...
        hǎosì, to seem/to be like
        jìnsì, similar/about the same as/approximately/approximation
        rújīsìkě, [如飢似渴], to hunger for sth (idiom); eagerly/to long for sth
        sìshìérfēi, apparently right but actually wrong; specious (idiom)
        kùsì, to strikingly resemble
        róuqíngsìshuǐ, tender and soft as water/deeply attached to sb
        xiāngsìxìng, resemblance/similarity
        rúlángsìhǔ, lit. like wolves and tigers/ruthless
        shénsì, similar in expression and spirit/to bear a remarkable resemblance to
        shèngsì, [勝似], to surpass/better than/superior to
        rúhuāsìyù, delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade (idiom)/(of a woman) exquisite
        qiàsì, just like/exactly like
        xíngsì, similar in shape and appearance
        guīxīnsìjiàn, [歸心似箭], with one's heart set on speeding home (idiom)

        yùmǐ, corn/maize/CL:粒[lì]
        yù, jade
        yùmǐbǐng, [玉米餅], corn cake/Mexican tortilla
        yùmǐfěn, cornflour/corn starch
        yùmǐmiàn, [玉米麵], cornmeal/maize flour
        yùshí, precious stones/jade and stone
        bǎoyù, [寶玉], precious jade/treasures
        jīnkēyùlǜ, golden rule/key principle
        tíngtíngyùlì, slender and elegant (of a woman)
        jīnyùliángyán, gems of wisdom (idiom); priceless advice
        ruǎnyù, [軟玉], nephrite/Ca(Mg,Fe)3(SiǑ)4
        jīntóngyùnǚ, lit. golden boys and jade maidens (idiom)/attendants of the Daoist immortals/fig...
        yùnǚ, beautiful woman/fairy maiden attending the Daoist immortals/(polite) sb else's d...
        yùshǔshǔ, corn
        Yùshù, [玉樹], Yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture (Tibetan: yus hru'u bod rigs rang skyong khu...
        jīnyù, gold and jade/precious
        yùdì, the Jade Emperor
        Yùlán, [玉蘭], Yulan magnolia
        yùtù, the Jade Hare/the moon
        pāozhuānyǐnyù, [拋磚引玉], lit. throw out a brick and get jade thrown back (idiom)/fig. to attract others' ...
        yùlù, gyokuro (shaded Japanese green tea)/(old) early-morning autumn dew/fine liquor
        yùmǐhuā, popcorn
        rúhuāsìyù, delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade (idiom)/(of a woman) exquisite
        YùhuángDàdì, Jade Emperor
        bìyù, jasper
        yìngyù, jadeite
        měiyù, fine jade
        YùShān/Yùshān, Mount Yu, the highest mountain in Taiwan (3952 m), Yushan county in Shangrao 上饒|...
        yùqì, jade artifact
        bīngqīngyùjié, [冰清玉潔], clear as ice and clean as jade (idiom); spotless/irreproachable/incorruptible

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